Dengue and drugs

Earlier today I wrote about a “medical breakthrough” and here is one again. A protein discovery could “jump-start human drug trials for dengue fever. I don’t doubt that this discovery will cause new human trials, but to call that a breakthrough is quite a stretch. These kind of trials happen all the time and I’m still waiting for the first cure for any disease.

The professor has worked for 30 years on a dengue virus and he still doesn’t know that there is no such virus. That doesn’t say much for the qualifications of this guy. But this kind of blindness is so common among medical researchers that it could be called the standard. Common sense among these people is quite rare.

6761864-3x2-340x227“Dengue typically causes a debilitating fever but can progress to potentially fatal dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.” I don’t know much about dengue fever, but I do know that hemorraghic diseases are usually caused by lack of vitamin C. It’s also known as scurvy. Look up what the symptoms of scurvy are and compare them with the symptoms of “viral hemorrhagic fevers” and you will see the striking similarities. Loads of diseases that are attributed to viruses are actually caused by lack of vitamin C, in combination with some kind of toxin. Smallpox was one of them, but don’t tell any doctor that, for they won’t believe you.

Have you noticed that during the last few decades many new viral diseases have showed up? How could that be? Where do these viruses come from? This doesn’t make sense. The carefully hidden reason for most of these new diseases is simply environmental factors: a variety of poisons that make (mainly poor) people sick. Admitting this would cost way too much money in stopping the poisoning and cleaning up the environment, so the new diseases are attributed to new viruses, even though that doesn’t make any scientific sense. Dengue fever is no exception. And by the way, the same goes for Ebola.images

Scientists love their “science speak” to sound important and to make people believe that they say something intelligent. But once you remove all that smoke you usually find a lot of rubbish. But don’t you dare to mention this, for then they get mad. For they don’t want the world to know what they are really doing and the science speak must hide it. So also these scientists use all kinds of codes and difficult words to hide that they are just writing another work of fiction.

Sepsis can easily happen in a body that’s poisoned, exhausted and in severe state of scurvy. But even in that late state it could probably be solved with huge amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients. Pharmaceuticals would do exactly the opposite: they would add more poison to an already very sick body. If any patient would survive this that would only show that the human body has an incredibly ability to survival.

Anti-viral drugs are an embarrassing failure. That’s not strange, for they attack something that doesn’t cause disease in the first place. Tamiflu has been publicly shamed, because it was just not possible to hide that it didn’t work at all. Anti-retrovirals are extremely toxic drugs and kill so many that not a lot of people can die from the disease anymore that they were initially diagnosed with. Most pharmaceuticals are dangerous and useless, but the class of anti-viral drugs are particularly toxic. index

Someone calling himself a professor, who wants to give severely sick patients this kind of drug instead of vitamin C is not a scientist. Such a person is a dangerous lunatic who should never be left in one room with a sick person. Of course the last sentence still mentions a possible vaccine, but I will leave that for now. Vaccines are dangerous, but anti-viral drugs are probably worse. And both are completely useless.


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