Auto-immune blood pressure

And again there is a medical breakthrough: scientists think that high blood pressure is actually an auto-immune disease. They said it “could” be and then that in itself already leads to new treatments. That’s how modern medicine works: come up with some theory, find a few things that support the theory, ignore everything that disproves the theory and then come with a drug. This approach has been going on for about a hundred years now and with remarkably little success.

Let’s see what this new breakthrough is about. 4 million Australians have high blood pressure. But what exactly is that? We are all individuals, so all these numbers are controversial to say the least. And it’s known that the ideal numbers are getting lower and lower when more drugs need to be sold. 5762648-3x2-340x227For cholesterol those numbers are insanely low and for blood pressure it’s not that different. We even know a new condition now: pre-hypertension. Nobody could say what that is, but it sells pills.

“it’s estimated that hypertension is actually the single most important biomedical risk factor as a cause of death and disability worldwide.” Sorry professor, but you could’t be more wrong. High blood pressure doesn’t cause diseases and it’s not a disease in itself. It’s a symptom of an underlying disease and just treating the symptom is about the worst thing you can do. When your coronary arteries are half blocked the blood needs to get pumped through with higher pressure. The high blood pressure isn’t the cause of the heart disease, but the other way around. It’s not so hard to see. (And by the way: the number one cause of death worldwide is medical treatments. Just that you know).

“While lifestyle factors such as obesity, high stress and poor diet are associated factors with the disease, the exact cause is not yet known.” Wow. The truth stares them right in the face, but they refuse to see it. Most diseases are related to environmental influences, lifestyle and diet being the most important ones. So if you don’t know that, then you shouldn’t call yourself a scientist. You should go back to school and learn some basic logic.

But as the habit is in modern medicine, the researchers completely focus on treating the symptoms. Don’t treat the bad blood vessels, just lower the blood pressure. It sounds like a particularly bad idea. But let’s look at the scientific method. The researchers made mice really sick so that they developed inflammation. Then they observed that the inflammation caused stiffening of the arteries, which caused high blood pressure. What a discovery! veggies-custom-dataInflammation causes heart disease! Sorry guys, but that is old news. And that inflammation is caused by bad diet and other environmental factors (like researchers who poison mice).

It still goes on about the mice with inflammation and how this will revolutionise treatment for people who live unhealthy lives and refuse to change that. And then it ends with the possibility of new drug treatment. That’s how this kind of research always ends. It’s not about getting people healthy, but about selling more drugs. That’s usually pretty obvious, but it’s not so common that researchers state the blatant obvious and then come to conclusions that have nothing to do with their earlier statements. I always wonder how these people take themselves seriously. How can you make such an effort to ignore the obvious, make a fool of yourself and still pretend that you are a scientist? Maybe it’s just sheer arrogance. Or maybe it’s the money at the end of the month. I suppose we will never know.


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