The flu, the shot and your genes

It’s generally known that the flu shot is completely useless, but that doesn’t stop governments, media, doctors, pharmacies and loads of others to encourage you to get injected. But there is hope: scientists have found that your genes have something to do with how bad the flu will be. And guess what: they already know what kind of drugs fit with it. It’s an interesting interpretation of “an ill for every pill”. That one was already very popular among psychiatrists and quickly gains popularity among other medical specialists. But applying it to the flu, that’s a novel idea.3250

The genetic mutation could identify people who are more susceptible to the flu and give them priority for the flu shot. Wait. That flu shot didn’t work, so what’s the difference? Well, so far mainly people in special groups were targeted for the flu shot (though actually everyone is targeted, but that piece of marketing is ignored by the researchers). Now they will target everyone with a genetic test and pick out those who are more at danger. But wait, they already target the whole population. So why this fuss?

“The findings show that how poorly a person feels when they catch the flu is governed by their own biological make-up as well as the virus itself.” And this was announced at the British Science Festival. I think someone was at the wrong place. He should have been at some kind of Fiction Meeting. This is creative writing, not science. flu-logo2

But somehow this fiction attracts other fiction writers to write sequels, as the idea has given other scientists a lot of work. Why anyone would want to plagiarise a particularly bad piece of fiction isn’t clear to me, but I suppose the pay check is all that counts. You see, that pay check is the explation for this story. For this research “opens the door to new anti-viral drugs”. Very expensive drugs, which are supposed to make the pharmaceutical industry a lot of money. They need to do something, after Tamiflu appeared to be a fraud and a hoax.

I have news for the researchers: the flu isn’t caused by a virus. It’s caused by lack of vitamin C and D, selenium and probably some other nutrients. That’s why it mainly strikes in winter. The flu is most definitely not caused by a virus that mutates in Asia, then multiplies within hosts without making anyone sick, travels all over the world (by plane, boat, train, car), first to the Northern Hemisphere and then to the South (without anyone getting sick), goes to the smallest corners and then waits till winter starts, so that it can make everyone sick at once. If that were true I would ask the virus to write books about its trips all over the world. But the flu virus can’t write books, because it doesn’t exist.cold_flu

Stuff like this is really pathetic and not just because it’s absurd. It’s mainly pathetic because it’s so obvious why this kind of research is done. The vaccine house of cards is starting to collapse and when that happens everyone will rapidly lose their faith in the current pharmaceutical based medical system. So Big Pharma and its cronies try to make as much money as possible, from vaccines and anti-virals, before it’s all over. It won’t be too long before “tobacco science” has a brother “vaccine science”. The sooner the better.

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