The fiction of vaccinations – repeated

A woman in NSW has received a lot of media attention because she wants to start a vaccination free daycare centre. What is the problem with this? I don’t know why exactly this woman wants to do it, but at least parents won’t be harassed there because they don’t want their children to be injected with ineffective, highly toxic cocktails.

Pro-vaxxers are extremely good in contradicting themselves. They say that at least 95% herd immunity is necessary to prevent outbreaks, but at the same time there are outbreaks in communities with 99% or higher vaccination rates. And unvaccinated children get banned from daycare, but not from shopping centres or play grounds. But I have a secret for the experts: it has been scientifically proven that germs don’t know what the school door means.6442644-3x2-340x227

It’s funny how people calling themselves “public health advocates” are pushing vaccines so much, as they cannot deny that they cause a lot of harm. OK, they do deny it, but like I said, they are very skilled in contradicting themselves. Everywhere where babies are vaccinated the doctor will ask the parents to wait 20-30 minutes before going home. That is not because it’s very rare that problems arise. This is done because serious problems (think convulsions or babies who stop breathing) is so common that doctors rather have the baby close, so that they can deal with it immediately. And that’s only the problems that happen within 30 minutes. Pro-vaxxers, you cannot have your cake and eat it. Either vaccines are safe, or problems are so common that all parents are asked to wait. Obviously the latter.

“The Northern Rivers region has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the country and frequently deals with outbreaks of whooping cough.” That is possibly true, though it depends on the definition of “frequently”. The thing is that these outbreaks happen everywhere in the country. It’s actually pretty stupid to use the whooping cough example every time, as everyone with a millimeter of interest in the topic knows that whooping cough is very common and unrelated to vaccination status. The vaccine simply does not work. To be a tiny bit convincing they should better talk about measles or rubella. Then it’s less obvious that they don’t know what they are talking about.index

“Orthopaedic surgeon Dr John Cunningham, who is a member of Stop the Anti Vaccination Network, said it was one of the most dangerous ideas he had come across.” And we should take this guy seriously? An orthopaedic surgeon is hardly an expert on childhood diseases. And someone who is openly a member of a health related hate group should not be practicing medicine in the first place, as he’s simply too dangerous. If you use such a person as a spokesperson for your cause, then it’s very obvious that you don’t talk about facts.

It’s predicted that this vax-free childcare centre will become “a haven of disease”. Well, the future will tell. But what will they do when it appears that the kids in this centre are a lot healthier than others and rarely get as much as a cold? Will they admit then that they were wrong? Not a chance. They know very well that they are lying, but that has never stopped these people. After all, they never present any facts; they are just skilled in spreading fear.

“Earlier this year the Federal Government announced welfare benefits would be denied to people who refused to immunise their children.” Wrong and unscientific again. Parents with unimmunised children won’t notice any difference, as long as the children are vaccinated. It’s generally known that vaccination does not equal immunisation, but again the facts are ignored and these two are used interchangeably, like they are the same. index 2

“People in the developing world want to have their children vaccinated,” Sorry people, but this is another lie. There are still people in the developing world who buy into the lies of the white doctors, but many of them have seen first hand what damage the vaccines cause. These people refuse vaccinations and even hide their children when they see doctors and nurses with needles arrive in town. The idea that people in the third world would love to have our vaccination schedule is absurd and complete fantasy.

“In the recent past, we’ve had two young babies on the north coast of New South Wales who have died during the course of whooping cough outbreaks,” Not really. These babies died while having whooping cough, but in reality they most probably died from lack of breast milk and bad medical treatment. A fully breastfed baby is pretty much 100% protected against whooping cough. But doctors don’t know this or ignore it. The standard treatment for whooping cough, also in babies, is antibiotics. This is not only completely useless, but it also destroys the baby’s delicate gut flora, which it so badly needs at that moment. At the same time doctors do NOT give the babies large amounts of vitamin C, which has been shown again and again to ease the symptoms of whooping cough within 24 hours. Proper treatment would have prevented these deaths. On the other side, many babies die 115074and get injured every year from the whooping cough vaccine. The 30 minutes waiting time that I mentioned above is mainly for the effect of the whooping cough vaccine. The others aren’t good either, but this one is known for its horrible side effects. These are facts, but it shows again that fanatic pro-vaxxers don’t care about facts.

And then the last sentence: “The proof is in the pudding. The Northern Rivers here, we have got so much sunshine, so much organic healthy food and people lead very healthy lifestyles but we are continually having outbreaks.” This is so pathetic that you can only laugh about it. That same pudding says that in any outbreak of any disease the vast majority of the patients were fully vaccinated. So the proof is: vaccines don’t work. But like I said: pro-vaxxers don’t care about facts. They don’t care about producing an endless stream of contradictions and they don’t care about making complete fools of themselves. They keep hiding behind their “scientific proof” that they can never ever show.

If there would be an award for the best scientific fiction, then pro-vaxxers would certainly win. And they would be proud of it.


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