What happened to global warming?

While people left and right lose their interest in climate change, there are still plenty of people who make a nice living from it. Now there is the Climate Action Tracker, which tells us that our greenhouse gas emissions are way too high to keep the earth from warming too much.

The analysts talk about “disastrous global warming”, that will happen if we don’t limit our CO2 emissions. What they base this statement on is unclear. They say that the temperature is very high compared to the time before the industrial revolution, but how do they know that? The industrial revolution happened somewhere between 1750 and 1850 and most temperature records start in the late 1800’s. shutterstock_63693187If we want the temperatures from the 1700’s back, then we would get really cold, for that was in the middle of the “Little Ice Age”. This LIA ended in the late 1800’s, just when temperature records started. Is there really anyone who would expect the temperatures NOT to go up at the end of an ice age? Obviously the earth has only warmed up less than 1 degree C, which is actually very little. That fits the information about the Medieval Warm Period, when it was considerably warmer than it is now.

What we experience now is a short period of increasing temperatures, but it’s not even a peak. In the 1970’s the headlines warned us for a new ice age, because it was so cold. Now it’s a bit warmer than 40 years ago. Not much, just a bit. So what’s the problem? The problem seems mainly that people have stopped believing in it. Things just don’t add up and besides people are tired of being scared. And the worse the scare stories, the more people will ignore it.

CO2 emissions have never been proven to do anything with the climate and the temperature of the earth is nothing remarkable. So all the numbers and the screaming that “we should lower our emissions” are meaningless political rhetoric. greenhouse-gasesOne climate change summit after another have just caused an awful lot of CO2 emissions, cost an awful lot of money and have achieved awfully little.

The main problem remains that the temperatures are going down and that makes global warming so hard to sell. We have just had a very cold winter in Australia, with one cold record after another. I’m sure the climate enthusiasts will quickly say that that’s because of El Nino. But if that same El Nino will cause a hot spring or summer they will be there immediately to blame climate change. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. Is Australia hot? Yep, it sure it. It always has been and always will be. So put solar panels on your roof to use the abundant sunshine in this country. It won’t make the world any cooler, but it will help against the air pollution. And that’s a very good thing.


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