The horrible truth about childhood cancer

Cancer is a bad disease and it’s absolutely horrible when it happens to children. So you would expect that a lot of research is done to find out what causes this, so that the disease can be eliminated. But that research isn’t done. What is done is a new trial to find a new way of administering old drugs. That way they might keep children alive just long enough to make it to their 18th birthday. Then they didn’t die anymore from childhood cancer and that looks really neat in the statistics. Cancer statistics are constantly manipulated to hide the disastrous results of the conventional treatments.

6745056-3x2-340x227“Every year, 950 infants, children and adolescents in Australia are diagnosed with cancer and nearly three die each week.” That’s a disaster and nobody seems to do anything about it. If they would  just look what causes this, then most of this misery could simply be prevented. But the causes of cancer are way too lucrative, so eliminating them is not attractive for those who make a lot of money with destroying the earth.

The scientists hope that with a new approach they will be able to cure cancer. Really? Why would they want to cure cancer? It would get them out of work. Truth is that there are hundreds of highly effective cancer treatments available and the average patient has at least 99% chance of getting cured, as long as they stay away from oncologists with their dangerous and often fatal treatments. Those who have looked into the topic know that not a lot of people die from cancer nowadays. Most of them die from the treatment before the cancer can kill them. And that won’t be any different in children. When you read in this article what the conventional cancer treatments do with children, then you can only classify this as child abuse. Very bad child abuse. But obviously child abuse is fine as long as it’s done by the current medical standards. 6745032-3x2-700x467And parents who refuse this abuse and want to cure their child in a gentle, natural way can find themselves in trouble with social services and even courts.

The sad reality is that oncology is organised crime and pediatric oncology is the worst of all. “This is a very exciting initiative that will revolutionise the way in which treatment decisions about childhood cancer are made, Professor Haber said.” No professor, it’s not. There is very little new about this approach. It’s just another way of giving the same dangerous drugs to children, who are likely to die from them. “Families dealing with childhood cancer are also optimistic.” Unfortunately that’s true and it’s just as bad that that hope isn’t based on any science, or facts. They are fooled into believing that oncologists can cure their children.

Instead of figuring out a way to give children highly toxic drugs without killing them immediately, they should start with eliminating the causes of childhood cancer. 6745090-3x2-340x227Let’s start with cancelling the insane practice of injecting babies on the day of birth with large amounts of highly carcinogenic substances. You don’t need to be a scientist to see the logic of that. Encourage breast feeding (and stop with the unnecessary medical interventions during delivery, which often cause problems with lactation) and don’t allow toxic formulas on the market (some formulas are acceptable). Stop polluting the water supply and limit the use of pharmaceuticals to an absolute minimum. If all those things would be done childhood cancer would largely disappear. And wouldn’t that be great? Well, obviously these scientists don’t think so. Their well-paid, prestigious jobs are more important than the lives of children. The real science is there where natural treatments cure children and the best science would be to avoid them getting sick in the first place. Everything else is criminal fiction.


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