Ice creams that don’t melt

Sometimes you wonder if scientists couldn’t do something useful with their time. But then again, if they come up with products that people buy, then they make money for their bosses and it keeps them in a job. But is there really anyone who is happy to buy an ice cream that doesn’t melt? I would have assumed that ice cream is already junk food enough and doesn’t need to be made any unhealthier.

Scientists will try to use a certain protein to change the consistency of the ice cream in such a way that it won’t easily melt. And it’s not unhealthy, because it “naturally occurs in some food”. Yep, fructose also occurs naturally in fruits, but the extreme overdoses of the stuff is one of the reasons why the world is so unhealthy. Don’t be fooled by “naturally”, for usually that’s a meaningless term.

3946216-3x4-340x453The magic ingredient could be availabe in 3-5 years. An ingredient in food that needs many years to be developed, does that sound like a good idea? Food should be food, not something that needs many years of work to develop. There is plenty of extremely toxic rubbish already available in substances that are sold as food. We really don’t need any more of it.

Will it work? Probably. But you can also make a non-melting ice cream out of plastic, rubber or glass. They would also be unfit for human consumption, just like the non-melting ice cream in this article. “Manufacturers could also be enabled to make ice cream with fewer calories and saturated fat, according to the research.” Wow. A few more years and these ice creams won’t contain anything anymore that has anything to do with food.

The rules for healthy food are simple: don’t eat anything that didn’t exist 150 years ago. Maybe ordinary ice creams didn’t exist that long ago, because you need specific machines for it. But an occasional cold treat won’t hurt anyone. Just stick with the ones that melt and leave non-melting ice creams in the box with play food. If this ice cream will make it on the market it won’t be science, it’s won’t be fiction and it certainly won’t be food. It will be attempted murder.


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