Alzheimer’s and drugs

It makes me really sad when people with bad diseases completely trust doctors and think that a drug will be close that will cure them. Drugs sometimes cure infections, but no other medical problem is ever solved with a pharmaceutical drug. But people are desperate and if they don’t know about alternatives, then they do weird things. Like joining a trial for the next Alzheimer’s drug.

Since the beginning of the 20th century chronic and degenerative diseases have slowly creeped up in the western world and it’s not strange that it seems like certain diseases “run in the family”. But the only thing that can run in the family is a certain susceptibility to diseases. As long as you keep the enviromental influences under control you won’t get sick. But people don’t know that, as they are told that we are the victims of our genes and there’s nothing we can do about that.6730392-3x2-340x227

“In this study researchers are taking about 20 healthy Australians with the Alzheimer’s gene and administering a specially-designed drug.” Wait a moment. They are giving a new drug to healthy people, hoping that they won’t get Alzheimer’s? How did this kind of insanity creep up in society? No disease is caused by lack of a pharmaceuticals and no disease can ever be prevented by taking these toxic pills. The idea of taking synthetic drugs to prevent a disease is so absurd, that only humans could come up with it. No animal would be that stupid.

The drug is supposed to prevent the build-up of plaques in the brain, which are are THOUGHT to be the cause of brain damage. So they are trialling a drug that maybe might have some influence on the build-up of substances that might have something to do with developing the disease. And might kill you way before you ever can develop those plaques. I wonder if the people in the trial have been thoroughly informed that this new drug is based on a huge pile of assumptions and wishful thinking, but that it involves no facts whatsoever. I don’t think so, for I cannot imagine that anyone would then risk their life for it.

The problem is that it actually is known that plaques have little to nothing to do with dementia. The same goes for holes in the brain, as seen on brain scans of Alzheimer’s patients. Not a lot of research has been done in this area, but what has been done strongly suggest that many, dementia1many older people have these “problems” in their brains, without any signs of dementia. That shows that the theory is completely wrong. But facts have never stopped researchers from going on with studies that they know are based on fantasies.

Dementia is a serious problem and nobody wants to get Alzheimer’s. And it can be prevented by eliminating the real causes: nutrient deficiencies and a highly toxic environment. Dementia is caused by lack of vitamins and minerals, not by lack of toxic drugs. Those drugs are a part of that toxic environment and should be avoided at all cost. But those who need to know this the most are lied to, because the researchers don’t want to lose their jobs. And the pharmaceutical industry needs new drugs with new patents, to sell to as many people as possible. And with so many people having dementia the market for a dementia preventing drug could be huge. Too bad for them that awareness is increasing rapidly that drugs are not the way to go. Whatever drug they will develop, I don’t think it will make them much money anymore. But with some $450 billion profit a year I don’t think the pharmaceutical industry has any reason to complain. That profit won’t disappear in the next few years. After that, we can only hope that this kind of extremely dangerous fiction will get a place in the history books.


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