Hot July

Sometimes the “news” is very predictable. I could have told you months ago that July would be the hottest July “ever”, simply because it had to be. And now it has also been officially announced. So no, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

The announcement is done by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It’s not a organisation that you hear a lot about and the name doesn’t give me much faith that they have anything scientific to say. It sounds more like they are paid for by the American government and will produce anything that this government requires. It’s not possible that they are independent, for then they wouldn’t produce this kind of nonsense.

The NOAA produces a monthly climate report (which keeps multiple people in a job). 181478-3x2-340x227I haven’t read this report of course, but the article doesn’t say how the data have been recorded. And there you have a huge problem: climate change is all about numbers and numbers can be manipulated very, very easily. You can just change the place where you measure the temperature a bit and there at once you have half a degree more. And of course there is forever the problem of the Urban Heat Island Effect, which means that the city produces heat itself, so the more people in the city, the higher the temperature. Thermometer stations that used to be in the open country 80 years ago are often now in the middle of a suburb, where cars pass and air conditioners blow. We are told that scientists correct for this effect, but the truth is that it’s impossible to know with any kind of certainty how big the UHIE is at any place. They can only make wild guesses and science and wild guesses don’t go together. A similar principle applies to the temperature of the oceans. I doubt they meaure that a thousand kilometes off Decorative_Suncoast at 2 kilometers deep. Imagine that you measure it close to a pipeline where a factory dumpt its cooling water. You see the problem?

A climate scientist (who per definition has a conflict of interest) says that “two factors drove the increase; a long-term warming trend across the globe and an El Nino that had formed in the equatorial Pacific.” Ho, wait. El Nino has nothing to do with humans and it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon, that nobody has been able to explain yet (which shows how little is known about weather phenomena). And that warming trend? Mr. Crouch, did you listen to the IPCC? The warming trend has stopped and a cooling trend has started. Did you miss that one? You cannot use a warming trend from 10 years ago to explain why 2015 is hot. You are blundering big time, sir.

It’s obvious that there is no man-made climate change and the different organisations that keep themselves occupied with this are desperately trying to keep themselves alive. The problem is that in their despair they all come with different lies. And we all know that it’s hard to keep track of your own lies, shutterstock_153806906but if you also need to pay attention to the lies of others it becomes almost impossible to know what you should and shouldn’t say. They hope that people will read it and believe it, without any thinking. But the problem is that most people don’t anymore. They might still say they are worried about climate change, but reality is that for most people the topic is closed. They have heard too many scary stories and subconsciously they know that things don’t add up. After every summer, no matter how hot or cold, we hear that it was the hottest on record. And people just don’t accept that story anymore. Some people dig into it and see the lies, but most just shrug their shoulders and focus on things that matter. And another scary story, which is almost identical to all others, won’t change that anymore.

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