Fast food, kilojoules and cancer

Anything with the word “research” or “study” suggests that it’s science, so I suppose this article classifies for this blog. The Cancer Council wants kilojoule labeling in fast food restaurants, because that somehow would reduce the risk for cancer.

Let’s first state that the Cancer Council (and all similar organisations around the world) has absolutely no interest in reducing the cancer rates, or in curing cancer. They get many billions of dollars a year, which they would lose if nobody would get cancer, or if cancer could be easily cured. That is why they so strongly support conventional cancer therapies and promote cancer-causing lifestyles. So we can 2528270-3x2-340x227only expect a lot of nuttiness from a study they fund.

Kilojoules are the amount of energy in food and in itself it’s a neutral word. But it has become strongly associated with overeating and overweight. The problem is that everyone has a different energy need and the “average person” doesn’t exist. But most of all: kilojoules and kilojoules are different things. Every kilojoule you get from fast food is one too many. Fast food is most definitely causing cancer. Not because of the amount of kilojoules, but because it’s full of toxic substances and lacks nutrition. And if you eat a hamburger you won’t eat healthy food. That’s the reason why so many people in western countries are overfed, but malnourished.

Healthy food is the way to fight cancer. Not putting the kilojoule content on fast food menus. But like I said, the Cancer Council will not say that, for if people would all start eating healthy the number of cancer patients would go down steeply. They can’t let that happen, so they come with this kind of study.

As usual, it doesn’t say how the study was set up, French-Fries950x350but it’s very unlikely that it’s true that people will order a salad instead of a hamburger and chips when there is a number mentioned on the menu. Most people have absolutely no idea what the number means anyway and nobody goes to a fast food restaurant to have a healthy meal.

This study is complete bogus and only meant to give naive people the impression that the Cancer Council cares about your health. But nothing could be further away from the truth. If they would care about the people’s health they would try to ban GMO’s, sugar laden foods aimed at children, low fat foods and all other junk that people put into their mouths. They would encourage organic produce, organize cooking classes and discourage people to go to fast food restaurants. But the Cancer Council does none of these things. They just come with a study that is so absurd that it doesn’t deserve the title “study”. It’s pure fantasy and so obviously so that I doubt a lot of people will take it seriously. It just shows that you can prove anything you want and even if you cannot prove it, you can always make up the results.


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