Depression and Alzheimer’s

Researchers have found that depression is linked to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Well, really? And if so, then what would the use of those findings?

The science goes immediately down the drain in this article. The researchers have studied a group of people who “were not genetically predisposed to dementia”. 868990-fcfb19ac-e700-11e4-a30f-c66423242607That’s interesting, for how do they know if someone is genetically predisposed? Nobody really knows how genes work and genetics is largely based on wrong assumptions. This has been proven time and again, but facts usually don’t bother medical researchers. But basing your research on a group of people who are randomly selected has no value whatsoever.

They tested this group by giving them a “depression score”. That sounds particularly unscientific, for depression is largely based on the interpretation of answers and the answers are based on the personal perception of a person. There are no facts involved in depression, else than that someone isn’t feeling that great.

According to the researcher about 50% of the cases of Alzheimer’s are down to genetics. That’s another huge statement, that’s not based on anything than just wild guesses, unproven assumptions and faulty theories. If Alzheimer’s is genetic, then why was it first named in 1901? Obviously before that date the disease was very rare or non-existent. Funny how researchers keep insisting that genes change iStock_000016395213Mediumdrastically and spread widely within just a few generations.

The whole article is filled with “might”, “could”, “may”, “potentially” and other words that show that even the researchers themselves know that this study belongs in the rubbish bin. If you start with phantasy, the outcome of your study can never be anything else than fiction. It’s unbelievable that these kind of researchers still have jobs and that their fiction is published as serious research. They should all be sent back to school, so that they can learn how to grow organic food. For that would really make a difference in health outcomes for the people of Australia.


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