Autism and genetics

In the news: scientist have found a single genetic mutation that causes autism. Really? Let’s have a closer look at research that no doubt is not based on anything scientific.

This is an article from a medical magazine, so we can expect that they try to make everything sound highly scientific. So first of all we need to get rid of all the “science speak”, as that’s just a smoke screen to hide what’s really going on. Using science speak is a common way of scientists to confuse the general public. So if you have doubts about scientific  research, always ask for an explanation in plain language. If you don’t get that, you can be sure there is no science.

autismFirst of all: all the autism research  has the problem that “autism” isn’t a single disease. It’s a descriptive diagnosis and it can mean all kinds of things. Nowadays it’s common to talk about “Autism Spectrum Disorders”, or ASD’s. That’s just a way to hide that the number of serious cases of regressive autism is increasing so much. Diagnoses like Asperger’s or PDD-NOS (“not otherwise specified”, don’t you love the way doctors like to hide that they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about?) are much harder to prove and there is a lot of variety. So that means it’s easier to sell to the public that “it’s just better diagnosis” that is responsible for the huge increase in children with communication problems. This kind of naming is a perfect smoke screen, which is the reason why doctors love it. It hides their lack of  knowledge.

“Researchers identified more than 1,000 gene mutations in individuals with autism,”. That sounds impressive, but it doesn’t mean anything. For what exactly is a gene mutation? Then you will first need to know what a “normal” gene is and that’s not so easy to figure out. Doctors like to make us believe that they know a lot about genes, but reality is that they know close to nothing and just make a lot of assumptions. autism_ribbonWe all have loads of “mutated genes” and that just means that we are all different from each other.

So there are a thousand mutations that CAN all cause autism. Let’s assume that’s correct. That still doesn’t explain why the DO cause autism. No smokescreen can hide the fact that autism in all its varieties has become endemic. It used to be mainly a problem from the western world, but during the last decade it has quickly spread to other parts of the world. Considering that these children need a LOT of extra care, possibly for the rest of their lives, this is a worldwide disaster. So it is completely irrelevant what genes might or might not have anything to do with autism. The question is what is the direct cause that these children are so sick and handicapped.

So we skip all the useless science speak and then we see that this research is just about testing drugs. A drug that was tested for depression was discontinued because it was way too dangerous, but obviously that won’t be a problem for children with autism. This is not an unusual way of doing things. Many drugs that were first refused as “too dangerous” were later sold to unsuspecting patients for a completely different disease. Pharmaceutical research nowadays is mainly focused Autism1on finding the right disease for a new drug. As autism is such an unclear disorder it’s not too hard to squeeze it into a certain category, just so that a doctor can prescribe drugs. And with so many children having autism, this is a huge market. But it still doesn’t say what causes autism or what to do about it.

So this research gets a lot of attention and at first glance it sounds really impressive. But when you remove all the smoke there’s nothing left than a few meaningless assumptions. Of course our genes play a role in who we are and how our bodies function, but they don’t rule. It’s the environment that decides what the genes actually do.

So why is this silly research done? Why do researches make such fools of themselves? It’s all about another huge smokescreen: the real cause of autism. Though “high functioning” autism isn’t new, it’s much more common nowadays than it was 100 years ago. And regressive autism was almost unknown before… we started to inject babies with truckloads of toxic vaccines. If anything counts as an environmental influence it’s injections with chemicals into an infant. And that also explains why African and Asian countries have such an explosion of autism: imagesthe truckload of western vaccinations have been forced on the people in those countries. Add to that the sad reality that many of those countries adopt western lifestyles and diets and it’s not hard to see why these poor children are so sick.

You don’t need to be a scientist and you don’t need to do a lot of fancy research to connect the dots. When you shoot a deer and the animal dies it was most probably the bullet from your gun that killed it and not just coincidence. But scientists are not able to connect simple dots. Well, of course they could see it, if they just wanted. But those dots don’t pay. On the contrary, many doctors and scientists who exposed the dots got in big trouble. The truth is not popular, for it costs too much money. So for the time being we will be stuck with this kind of nutty research. But don’t worry, this kind of lies never lasts and it won’t be too long anymore till this kind of research will be added to the huge pile of scientific fiction.


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