Hepatitis B and cancer

An ancient hepatitis B strain has been found in the NT and researchers say that this gives hope for the prevention of liver cancer. Let’s see how much fiction there is hidden in just one article.

The strain is assumed to be 53,000 years old, but it’s unclear how they come to this number. This is the same number of years that researchers think the first humans entered Australia. And this strain seems to be more aggressive than strains found elsewhere. The researcher says that “this virus has probably 320px-Northern_Territory_locator-MJCco-evolved with anatomically modern humans since leaving Africa”.

“Dr Davis said researchers uncovered the rare strain while undertaking “genetic fingerprinting” research among Territorians infected with hepatitis B.” Genetic fingerprinting? That sounds like these people know what they are talking about, but they don’t. First of all, viruses don’t make sick, so there is no virus that causes hepatitis or liver cancer. And how do they determine the genetics of a virus? That’s a lot of guessing. For you cannot see viruses under a microscope, as they are too small. And an electron microscope kills them thoroughly, so all researchers have is pieces of viruses that they assume belong together. And then they assume that whatever genetic material they find has something to do with whatever they are looking for. Do you still think this deserves the title science?

Researchers say these new findings are important because early diagnosing would prevent liver cancer. But how that works is unclear. How do you treat a viral disease, that isn’t caused by a virus and how do you prevent liver cancer if this disease has never been connected with the cancer in the first place? hepatitis

So what is really the problem? Hepatitis is caused by nutritient deficiency, which unfortunately is endemic among the indigenous population of the Northern Territory. Lack of vitamin C and selenium cause liver disease and can also be reversed with taking supplements. But that’s not a very prestigious treatment, so the studies that prove this are kept silent. And it’s quite well known that alcohol abuse also causes liver problems and the sad reality is that many of these people also use too much alcohol. Take these together and of course these people will get liver diseases. It’s not hard to see the connection.

“One to 1.5 per cent of the broader Australian population have chronic hepatitis B.” That wouldn’t surprise me, as many people in western countries are malnourished and especially selenium deficiency is very common. And obviously this situation causes the presence of a certain virus or at least it causes a positive test result on a certain lab test (which doctors assume shows the presence of a virus). index

This is an awful lot of fiction and what the researchers want with it is even unclear. Two things are remarkable: there is no mentioning of a breakthrough. And very surprising: there is no mentioning of vaccinating everyone again and again and again. But the vaccine is given already anyway, to all Australian babies starting at the day of birth. So maybe they think that there is no reason to mention it. After all there is no risk of any kind of outbreak, so it would be hard to defend another vaccination campaign. Nevertheless this can also be added again to the the huge library of scientific fiction.

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