The not so well hidden increase in autism

There are different types of research. There is the research that’s done in a lab and this is highly prestigious. Then there is the research that mainly puts the results of large amounts of the first type of studies together to come to a conclusion. This kind of research can be of very high quality, or it can be completely useless, depending on how many documents were studied. Selective studying of documents of course gives a completely biased and useless result. And then there is a third kind of study: the one that is largely or completely made up, like this one that proves that there is actually no increase in autism.

5581718-3x2-340x227There is a very common trick used by doctors if they want to prove or disprove the existence of a certain diseases: they simply change the name or diagnostic criteria. That’s how polio disappeared and how AIDS increases or decreases, depending on the political needs. Autism has got more and more publicity in the last few years and that’s not because there is no problem. That is because there is a huge problem. It’s true that autism is a diagnosis that covers multiple problems, from pretty light to very severe. Throwing these all in the one box of “autism spectrum disorders” was the first step to confuse everyone. For now it became hard to compare numbers, so the numbers could be made up in any way necessary in future years. Neat trick.

There are the people with “high functioning autism”, which are only high functioning in the way that they can do well academically. But because they are so low functioning in the social aspect of life they usually do very poorly in society. You could very well defend that these kind of diagnoses (e.g. Asperger’s or PDD-NOS)autism_ribbon have increased because society has become more complex and kids that wouldn’t have had a problem 30 years ago now can’t function. That probably indeed accounts for a certain percentage of extra diagnoses in this category. But there are also many kids that have such communication problems that they could never ever have functioned normally. And if you look at history there have always been people like that. And there are also adults now who fit that profile. But this is only half the story, for the number of kids that have these serious problems is increasing rapidly and the incidence among children is considerably higher than among adults. I’m talking about children who have a normal to high IQ, but absolutely cannot go to a normal school, because they spin out of control within 30 minutes. These kids wouldn’t have managed in an old-fashioned school system either. And there is no way this wouldn’t have been noticed.

The article is about an American study, so American numbers are used. In 1975 1:5000 kids was diagnosed with autism and in 2012 that was 1:68. But still the researchers say that there is no increase in children with intellectual, behavioural and communication disorders. Wow. So in 1975 there were just as many kids that couldn’t communicate, couldn’t control themselves and needed a variety of therapists and special education classes? autismIs there anyone who believes this? Then where are all the adults with these problems? Most of these people are not able to find paid employment and often cannot live on their own. So where are all the 40+ adults on disability pensions and in institutions? Exactly, there are very few.

And now we have only talked about those with high functioning autism. At least 30% of the total number of autism diagnoses are for regressive autism. These kids were totally normal, till (usually between 12 and 24 months of age) they changed, stopped communicating and became severely autistic. These are the kids that need round the clock care and qualify as intellectually disabled. This is not something that anyone could miss. So any researcher who says that this happened just as much 40 years ago, but that it wasn’t diagnosed is not only extremely dumb, but is also seriously insulting parents and older doctors. “Hey doctor, you might have 50 years of experience treating children, but you never learnt to diagnose a extremely sick child as being sick. You can only do that now because we younger doctors told you how to see that a kid can’t talk, has constant temper tantrums and a variety of physical problems”. Really?

The researchers still mention the DSM, a book that is known for it’s long lists of bogus diagnoses. And they conveniently forget to say that that same DSM now has a variety of diagnoses that can swallow up large numbers of autism diagnoses. Autism1So they are saying that the increase of autism diagnoses is increasing because of renaming. But reality is that right now there are schemes that intend to rename many cases of autism, so that the numbers won’t look as bad.

Still a few numbers. An estimated 0,5% (1:200) Australians has autism. Estimated, so that’s a useless number, as we don’t know how that number is estimated. But then they say that 1:100 children are diagnosed as such. That’s twice as much. That’s weird, assuming that doctors know what they are doing. No increase? The scientists have done so much acrobatics with numbers that they cannot keep their own lies straight anymore. But let’s assume that it’s 1:200 people with a serious communication problem. Isn’t it time that we solve that problem? 1:100 children is an epidemic! A few cases of measles or whooping cough gets a lot of publicity, but there is an epidemic that will completely disturb society! For reality is that the number of children with autism is rapidly increasing. 1:100 is a disaster, but that’s for the whole age range 0-18. If you look at the age group 4-8 the percentage is a lot higher. crying-autistic-child-200x300Most of these children need permanent supervision, special education and special everything. Many will never get a job and quite a lot will eventually need some kind of assisted living. How is society going to deal with this?

The article ends with mentioning the obligatory genetic factors. But sorry guys, genes don’t change that much within a few generations. The problem with this study is that is screams in every sentence “we have a huge problem”, but then tries to convince us that there is no problem. Who do they think they are kidding? And why are they doing this? Why this bogus study that is too absurd to take even remotely seriously? It’s quite obvious. The main cause of autism and other developmental disorders are vaccines. That’s a known fact and no matter how much politicians and doctors deny it, it’s still a fact. It’s also a fact that the vaccine era is at its end and the house of cards will soon collapse. And that’s the reason why more and more desparate attempts are made to convince the public that there is no problem. Not with vaccines, not with autism, not with our kids, not with the adults. Just get another booster shot, for we need to increase the sales before it’s too late. And there is a number that cannot easily be manipulated: the many billions of dollars that are made with vaccines. indexAnd the many more billions of dollars that are made with the sales of drugs and other medical treatments for all those kids with autism and other vaccine related diseases. I suppose these researchers got paid well to produce this bogus study. And they just don’t realize that soon studies like these will become part of the education system about how unreliable science is and how easily researchers can be bought. They will try to remove the study from the archives, but it’s out on the Internet. And once something is on the Internet, it stays on the Internet. Forever.


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