Predictable climate science

It’s quite hilarious that climate scientists are so predictable. Winter is cold and snowy and that’s a bit hard to explain. The last few years they tried to explain the icy winters in North-America with the usual “it’s getting more extreme” stories, but obviously that didn’t work. It’s a bit hard to explain cold with stories about warmth. So now these scientists have gone back to the usual stories: the cold winters will disappear in the near future. It doesn’t sound convincing either. Actually, it sounds really pathetic.

6528254-3x2-700x467In large parts of Australia people are complaining that it’s so cold and snowy pictures are inundating the social media. One cold record after another is broken and that just doesn’t fit the global warming scenario. That obviously worries the climate scientists and this sad attempt to reignite climate fear could be expected. There is no proof for any of the predictions they make, but that’s nothing new.

“The snow cover in the Australian alps is declining and it has declined a lot since 1954 when there was the longest snow course on record,” says professor Pickering. Maybe that sounds convincing to some people, but it’s a lot of empty nonsense. I believe that in 1954 there was a lot of snow. Recording these things is OK, but not if you want to proof world wide warming. Snow fall is influenced by loads of things and climate isn’t one them. Warmer weather can actually cause more snow than very cold weather, if the conditions are right. Then there are important things like roads and buildings, which are usually built on places where trees used to grow. 6528866-3x2-340x227Fewer trees means less evaporation, which means less snow. Trees do a lot more, but let’s keep it simple.

“When we look at the climate change or the global warming that we have seen over the last hundred years in Australia, we are looking at a 1 degree [Celsius] warming in the Australian region over the last hundred years.” That’s a quote from a weather forecaster. You know, one of those people who cannot correctly predict the weather for the next five days. The simple fact that the thermometers give a higher reading does not mean that it’s really getting any warmer. Just a hint: reading temperatures at the airport is not particulary reliable. Neither is it in an area with 15 air conditioners blowing.

The same silly stuff is repeated a few times in the rest of the article, but nothing remotely scientific is said. There simply is this highly annoying fact that even the IPCC has admitted that the earth is not warming anymore and that actually the temperatures are slowly going down. Oh well, who cares about the IPCC? Never let facts get in the way of a good story. Well, good story… This whole climate change 6610868-3x2-700x467story is worn out and whatever these people try, they just cannot restore it back to its old shine anymore.

When you ask around you will notice that people just have lost their interest in the topic. Many might say that they still think the earth is warming, but they don’t care anymore. The reason is probably that they notice themselves that it’s getting colder, but they can’t even be bothered thinking about it. The climate change horror stories have been so exaggerated for such a long time that the people are done with it. Pathetic stories like this one are just a sad attempt to ignore reality: it’s over people. It’s over. Get yourselves another job before all the good ones are taken by other climate scientists who saw reason just a bit earlier than you.


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