Cancer in children

More and more children get cancer and it would be good to know why, so that this nightmare can be prevented. Scientists work really hard to find a cause and now they have achieved a real breakthrough: babies with a higher birth weight are more likely to get cancer! Wow. Really?

According to the professor there is a “significant amount of evidence” for the connection between birth weight and cancer. But when you have a look at the research this study proves absolutely nothing and the results are complete fiction. 6617084-3x2-340x227For they have corrected the data for a few things, but haven’t even looked at the high number of influeces that really matter. This way you can create any outcome you want (a common scientific method).

“Experts said it was an important finding because very little was known about what causes childhood tumours.” What kind of experts? If they have so little idea they cannot possible be experts in anything medical. Let’s have a look at what really could be the cause.

Parents who get children now have most likely been filled with toxin laden junk food most of their lives and it’s known that this has an effect on future offspring. This has been proven many times by epigenetics. The future parents have also been exposed to large amounts of other toxic substances. Then the woman gets pregnant and probably keeps eating the same food and can’t avoid other toxic exposure. She probably has a mobile phone close to her at all  times, which is known to be unsafe. She probably gets multiple ultrasounds, the safety of which has never been remotely proven. indexThen quite recentely doctors have gotten into the habit of injecting the pregnant woman with extremely toxic vaccines, which have never ever even been tested for safety during pregnancy.

Then the baby is born and immediately it has to deal with the medical system. The baby was likely born while doctors interfered with the  natural birthing process. Then the baby is exposed to hospitcal chemicals. It immediately gets injected with an extreme overdose of synthetic vitamin K (known to cause cancer) and if the baby is born in the wrong country soon after that it gets an injection with a poison laden vaccine against a disease it cannot possibly contract.

Then the baby can go home and because of the medical interventions in the natural birth process many mothers are not able to breastfeed. So the baby gets formula, which also contains extreme amounts of cancer causing synthetic vitamin K and not remotely all the nutrients a baby needs. Formula keeps a baby alive, but that’s about it. Unfortunately few people still know about the extreme importance of breastfeeding and how it protects babies against about any and every disease.

Then the baby gets two months old and after all it has already gone through it now gets injected with large amounts of highly carcinogenice substances. And again and again, because somehow this is supposed to be good for the

When you know these things it’s not a mystery why so many children get cancer. It is a mystery why so many children grow up without serious health problems. But basic knowledge and a tiny bit of common sense is completely absent with the professor and his fellow scientists. Instead they call their nutty study a breakthrough. I would like to call this study bullshit, but that would be an insult to the bull. So let’s say that this study is a horrible piece of fiction, only good for those who choose to be deaf and blind to reality.


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