Flu you or flu me?

A record number of Australians has the flu. Well, that’s what we are told. But of course the only thing they can register is the number of people that go the doctor and get a flu diagnosis. I doubt that many doctors send their patients for lab tests to officially diagnose a flu. The labs would get overworked. So you can wonder how many people are too sick to go to the doctor or are smart enough to just take rest and wait till it’s over. The official numbers are completely meaningless, but it sounds good in the headlines.

639758-4x3-340x255The “health authorities renew the warnings about vaccinations”. I thought for a moment that they meant they would warn everyone not to get a flu shot, but that’s not quite what they want to say. But if they would want to reduce the number of people with the flu that’s the way to go. For it’s a known fact that many, many people who get a flu shot get sick with a flu like disease shortly after.
“Influenza is highly contagious, spreading easily from person to person, through the air and on hands.” Is it? A disease that’s highly contagious should start at one place (with some kind of “patient zero”) and spread from there. But that’s not what happens with the flu. As soon as winter starts people start to get flu symptoms all over the country, all at the same time and often without having met anyone with the same symptoms. It doesn’t start in March and it doesn’t continue till November. So how can this be contagious? It’s not. Which means that the flu is not caused by a virus.

Flu Season Ahead Yield Sign
Flu Season Ahead Yield Sign

There are a few things known to cause the flu: deficiency in vitamin C and D and selenium all play a clear role. But it’s likely that there are more deficiencies involved. We live in a society where most people are overfed, but malnourished. Deficiencies in almost everything are very common and in such a situation you can expect diseases. When people have low vit C and selenium and winter starts, they will get very little vitamin D and that can easily push them over the edge. On the other hand, vaccines are known to deplete vitamin C, which is a possible explanation why the flu shot causes the flu.

So what about these highly fictional answers to the questions mentioned? Influenza does NOT spread from person to person. It is NOT caused by a virus and therefore the flu shot is NOT effective. The flu shot per definition cannot have more than 0% effectiveness. Which is also what you see everywhere. The flu shot has never stopped anyone from getting the flu, whatever doctors and government officials say.

Is the flu shot safe? Well, that depends on the definition of safe. flu-explainer-dataConsidering that these shots contain generous amounts of mercury and aluminium and a variety of other toxic chemicals, most people would not consider these injections safe. The reported side-effects also show that the flu shot is not what sane people would consider safe: it causes serious neurological damage in large numbers of people. But because doctors automatically dismiss the connection and call everything coincidence officially the side-effects are limited to a sore arm and other minor symptoms. “Death by flu shot” doesn’t sound good, but it would be a highly scientific diagnosis in many people. On the other hand, the information that scientists and other officials give about the flu is just as much fiction as a story of Winnie the Pooh.


2 thoughts on “Flu you or flu me?

  1. Even people who buy into the whole notion that “the flu shot will protect you from getting sick” do not recognize that they have been hoodwinked into collaborating on the government “herd immunity” project for flu. A Cochrane review (Jefferson et al 2012) found that at in healthy adults, at least 40 must receive the vaccine to prevent one case of “influenza-like illness”; at least 71 to prevent one confirmed case of flu. And that’s if you actually believe in the efficacy of the flu shot.


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