Drugs in our water

Scientists have tested the water of the Sydney Harbour and found significant levels of strong painkillers and anti-depressants. That doesn’t surprise me at all. For years I have been saying that all the pharmaceuticals people take end up in the toilet and into the sewage system and from there in nature and in our tap water. I was told that I was silly and that there was no proof for this. No, there was no proof, because nobody looked.

228960-3x2-340x227So what other drugs are present in the harbour water? We don’t know, for obviously the scientists have only tested for a few common ones. Testing this water for hundreds of pharmaceuticals would get expensive and time consuming and nobody wants to know anyway.

Drugs are unnatural, made made substances, so it’s not hard to understand that the body cannot really break down this stuff. Most of it will be excreted by the kidneys and end up in the toilet. And what happens when all these drugs go into the sewage system? One way or another it will end up in nature and from there in our drinking water supply. It’s hard to filter this stuff out, so that doesn’t happen.

Researchers say that the drugs in the Sydney harbour probably ended up there because of a leak in the sewage system. If one leak can cause this huge amount of water to be contaminated, then that shows that the concentrations in the sewage must be huge.

The researchers are very quick to say that the concentrations are low and that it’s unknown if this is harmful to plants, animals and humans. Well, wouldn’t it be time to find this out? A study like that is very long overdue. Yes, the concentrations will be low, but minute amounts of harmful substances taken over a long period of time are often more dangerous that one large dose at once. Fotolia_32361635_Subscription_Monthly_XXLIf you drink one glass of contaminated water it won’t  harm you and a hundred glasses won’t have any effect either. But if you drink three liters of water every day, then after 20, 30 or 40 years this definitely will have an effect. It’s really not hard to understand this, so researchers who say that they don’t know whether this is harmful are completely incompetent. Or they are scared that they will lose their jobs if they tell the truth.

Pharmaceuticals are eaten like they are vitamin supplements and all those drugs end up in the water supply. What does that do to newborn babies who get this water with their formula? And what will it do with toddlers who drink this water every day? By the time they are ten years old they have already been exposed to large amounts of pharmaceuticals and the parents don’t even know it. If this isn’t stopped (and I don’t see that happen any time soon), then we are heading for a worldwide disaster. The only way to stop this is to stop taking pharmaceuticals and to go back to natural treatments.Medicine-Imc_0 They are harmless for nature, as they are nature. But you cannot make 600 billion dollars a year with natural medicines and so Big Pharma will keep polluting the world. Unless courageous scientists will stand up, do thorough testing, publish the results and make sure that the world hears the truth. If that doesn’t happen this earth might not make it till the year 2200. And no, I cannot scientifically proof  this, but common sense gets you far.


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