Heat waves

It’s hot in Europe and so we can expect climate scientists to jump in with statements that the heat is caused by global warming. But when you look at what they really say it’s particularly pathetic.

Let’s first state that it’s absolutely impossible to accurately compare temperature records from 1900 with records now. Whatever they wrote down then was not meant to prove global warming 100 years later. Besides the places that recorded those temperatures don’t exist anymore the way they were in 1900, soBERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 01:  Paul, 9, dumps a bucket of water over his head at a fountain near government buildings during hot weather on July 1, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Temperatures across northern Europe are rising and in Germany a high of 36 degrees is forecast for the weekend.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

per definition you compare apples with oranges. That’s a great situation for speculation and fiction, but scientific data cannot possibly be the result.

The scientists say that it’s “virtually certain” that the heat waves are caused by climate change. I suppose they don’t mean “virtually” as in “made up”, though that’s exactly what it is. But let’s see what more they have to say. “…a heat wave like the one forecast for the next few days would have been a roughly 1-in-30-years event in the 1900s, according to the scientists. It is now likely to happen every three and a half years, they said.” “Would have been” and “is likely” do not sound very scientific. These words scream “wild interpretation of unreliable data”. But it’s still not the worst. For they even use Heathrow Airport as an example of increasing heat. This is a huge airport that has so much air traffic that it cannot even deal with more planes. It’s booked out. And all those planes blow heat into the direction of the thermometers. Would anyone be surprised that every year the temperature goes up there? And that it’s a lot hotter there than in 1900, when planes didn’t even exist yet?A woman cools off in a fountain during a heatwave in Sevilla on June 28, 2015. A powerful heatwave was forecast to sweep across Europe's western flank starting this weekend, as France and Portugal were put on alert. In 2003, a heatwave in Europe led to 70,000 deaths above the normal rate, mainly among elderly people.   AFP PHOTO/ CRISTINA QUICLER        (Photo credit should read CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP/Getty Images)

But of course scientists correct for these factors. At least that’s what we are told all the time. But they don’t tell us how they do that correcting. Reality is that it’s absolutely impossible to reliably calculate how much heat hundreds of planes add to the temperature. Let’s just say that using temperature statistics from airports to prove climate change is the joke of the year (and then I say it friendly).

Whether heat waves grow more frequent mainly depends on the definition of heat wave. In Australia there isn’t even a formal definition, but that doesn’t stop climate scientists from using the term to make wild statements.

The funny thing is that such ridiculous statements are always made by people who have many reasons to keep the myth going and no reason to stop with this nonsense. There are many, many climate scientists, climate research stations, climate centres, climate organisation and climate whatevers. And they all depend for their generous amounts of funding on the existence of climate change. So why would we believe people whose job depends on keeping a story going?Children cool off in a fountain of a park in Madrid, on June 30, 2015, as a major heatwave spreads up through Europe, with temperatures hitting nearly 40 degrees. Spain remained locked in a heat wave today with most of the country on high alert for forest fires and the elderly urged to take extra care.  AFP PHOTO / GERARD JULIEN        (Photo credit should read GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Where are the objective scientists? I suppose the latter group has long ago left and got themselves useful work to do. So we are stuck with people who say they are scientists, but who are just very poor fiction writers.

I will make a prediction. In Australia we have an El Nino at the moment, which makes in my area the winter much colder than usual so far. The cold records will be completly ignored, because they are the result of El Nino. But if El Nino will indeed keep going till summer, then the heat records that might happen then will be caused by climate change. It’s just a prediction, but this kind of logic is so common among climate scientists that I like my chances of this being true.


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