Gut bacteria and health

Every time again I’m a bit surprised about the huge stupidities scientists can produce. It’s hard to believe that people with such jobs can be that dumb. But it seems like they really believe what they say. Now scientist have become interested in our gut bacteria and start researching things that everyone with common sense and some basic knowledge of biology already knows.6590058-3x2-340x227

A professor doesn’t believe that people are getting interested in gut health because it’s important. Nope, we are interested because we are fascinated by poo. No, professor, we want to know what happens in our bowels, because we see the difference when we change our diets.

The scientists think that gut bacteria play a role in a variety of chronic diseases. They think that? I could give them a long list of people who know it for sure. Not because they have spent many hours in a fancy lab, but because they use their common sense. It has been known for a very long time that the gazillion bacteria in our gut are our best friends. Without them we cannot survive. And when this population is disturbed (for instance by antibiotics) we get sick. It’s really not so hard to understand. Well, not for most people.

It’s not strange that people who are very sick want to try faecal transplants. They have been proven to work and the only problem is that it needs to be done in a certain way. And of course there are loads of people who take advantage of this and offer transplants in a way that doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean your gut bacteria aren’t extremely important. 6580508-3x2-700x467

“Dr Brett said research on the relationship between gut bacteria and wellbeing was still in its early days.” Well, the research might be, but the knowledge is very old. Which shows that scientific research and knowledge are often completely different things. But at least the doctor acknowledges that there is a “very complex interplay between the combination of bacteria in the bowel, the immune system and the metabolism.” Tell me something new.

The article ends with the statement that we should first look at our diets, before considering a faecal transplant. Phew, that’s finally some sound advice. It’s too bad that the standard dietary advice you usually get from “professionals” is disastrous for your health. So even with that scientists mess up.

poo-story_m2230301If you care about your health, care about the little friends in your gut. Stay away from any food that didn’t exist 150 years ago and stay even further away from antibiotics. And then there will be loads of nasty diseases that you will never get. And if you have the diseases, it’s never too late to change your  lifestyle. Millions of people have got cured from almost any kind of disease by changing their diet and lifestyles. I’m sure that’s not scientific, but at least it’s fact and not fiction.

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