Ebola and tests

A new, 15-minutes Ebola test has appeared to be just as accurate as the standard lab test. That sounds interesting, but there is a minor problem. How accurate is the lab test? If the lab test is 100% inaccurate, then this rapid test will also be useless.

So first we need to establish what Ebola is exactly, for else we don’t know who should be tested or not. And that would possibly lead to a lot of false positives. Ebola causes a fever, or not. It causes a headache, or not. 6362866-3x2-940x627It causes vomiting and diarrhea, or not. It causes bleedings, or not. It makes the patient very weak, or not. It kills the patient, or not. The longer the list of symptoms for a disease, the bigger the chance that people have actually different diseases, that have some symptoms in common. And that’s most likely what Ebola is too: a variety of diseases that are unfortunately common in certain regions of Africa. But when there is a political need they are at once relabeled as Ebola.

But Ebola is caused by a virus and they can test for it. Isn’t it? So how does that match the principle of many different diseases? The problem lies here in the fiction that’s at the basis of viruses and viral testing. The truth is that viruses have never been proven to cause any kind of disease. That’s an assumption, but there is no proof for it. Ask any virologist how the measles virus causes a rash, how the flu virus causes a blocked nose, or how the Ebola virus causes bleedings and they will tell you that they don’t know.

So what exactly is a virus? It’s nothing but a little package of DNA, that cannot live on its own. That’s why scientists can’t even agree whether viruses are alive or not.Ebola VirusThey cannot survive without a host, so it’s a mystery where outbreaks of viral diseases come from. Either a person’s immune system would kill the virus, or it would die outside the host.

Viruses are very small and cannot be seen with a normal microscope. And an electron microscope kills them, so no virologist has ever seen a live virus. And they don’t know how viruses make sick. So what are they looking for with a test? They are looking for DNA that they assume comes from a virus, which they assume causes the disease. So with all these assumptions, no facts and no logic, we can safely assume that the standard lab test for Ebola is indeed 0% effective. And that makes this new test nothing special. It’s just another useless test for a disease that isn’t caused by a virus in the first place. The only difference is that now you have the useless result a lot faster.


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