Climate change and healthn

When scientists start with stories that are way over the top you can be sure that whatever scheme they are supporting starts to fall apart. The usual climate change scare stories obviously don’t really do it anymore with the bigger public, so recently climate scientists have started to combine them with health scares. And it’s gets more absurd every week. This week climate change poses already a “catastrophic risk” to our health.

4439000-3x2-340x227Climate change might threaten the health gains of the last 50 years. That’s interesting, for I can’t think of that many gains. Better living circumstances in many African and Asian countries for sure have meant a substantial decrease of infectious diseases, but that’s hardly something that will be influenced by climate change. And the rest of the world has only gotten a lot sicker during the last 50 years. And everywhere in the world where they adopt the western lifestyle the people get sick high speed. As a total the human race is sicker than it has ever been, so the story that climate change will undo the gains is quite hilarious.

The disaster scenario that is described would indeed cause famines and mental stress. The problem is that that scenario isn’t based on anything else than fiction. It’s phantasy and has absolutely nothing to do with science. For decades climate scientists have predicted all these kinds of natural disasters and so far none of them happened. climate-change-custom-dataEvery time there is a natural disaster with loads of victims these people try to convince us that this is due to climate change. But usually the reason for the disaster is that people for all kinds of reasons move to areas that have a high risk for floods or storms. And the more people live in an area, the more victims there will be when a disaster strikes. It has nothing to do with climate change.

The storms are a problem anyway. For they are not increasing at all. There are seasons that are quiet and there are seasons that are very stormy, but over a longer period of time nothing special happens. But the climate scientists keep telling us that in the future we will get more and stronger storms. These predictions about heavier storms are just as fictional as the predictions about the rise of the sea levels. We are still waiting for that one too.

The WHO predicts that some 250.000 people extra a year will die because of climate change. What they base that on is a mystery. But the WHO is known for their wild number throwing and those numbers are rarely based on anything else than political wishful thinking. So also this time we better don’t trust politicians.drought-custom-data

The health professionals are still thrown in to make the whole story a bit more believable, but those who read my blog regularly know that I’m not impressed by those professionals. Most of them are just disease managers and have no idea what health care means. And the idea that doctors have done anything against HIV or polio is a joke. HIV has been invented by them and polio is more common than ever, but it’s hiding behind many different names, invented by those health professionals. But what else could they mention in this article? There have been so few improvements in health care during those 50 years that it’s hard to find anything to make doctors believable.

The article still rambles on about what we can do to save the world, but it’s obvious that this all is just a very poor attempt to still convince the people to be scared. But the group of people who are done with scary climate change stories is growing rapidly and there is nothing that will make these people turn back to the climate religion. Smart scientists would quietly close the book and get themselves another job, but most scientists aren’t that smart. So this fiction will keep going for a bit longer and then slowly fade out. And then we have another silly story for the history books.


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