Cancer screening programs

It appears that only 36% of the Australians who are invited to do a screening test for bowel cancer send the kit back. I don’t know what the reason for that is, but it most definitely is a smart move. For cancer screening programs are a total failure and can only be promoted as a success by highly manipulating the numbers.

What are the problems with this test? The main problem with this test is the one that goes for all cancer screening tests: they don’t prevent deaths. Don’t be fooled by the numbers that say “so many people have been found to have cancer”. If these cancers had not been found the persons might have found out later, or the cancer would have disappeared. 6562106-3x2-340x227If found later, the person didn’t get a horrible treatment early and couldn’t be killed by it. So without screening people will live longer, for it’s known that cancer treatments kill many and save very, very few.

Another problem with this test is the huge number of false positives. For this test only checks for blood in the stool and in most cases this is caused by haemorrhoids, not by cancer. Nevertheless all these people are sent for a colonoscopy, which is a very unpleasant and risky procedure. People die from this on a regular basis, so it’s most definitely not something that should be done on people who don’t have any bowel problems.

But of course the experts say that bowel cancer can be “succesfully treated” if caught early. You hear this phrase a lot, but you never get an explanation about what a succesful treatment actually means. Most people will assume that means that you will get cured, but that’s not true. A succesful treatment can mean all kinds of things. It can mean that the tumour is surgically removed, meaning the patient is mutilated and the cancer usually comes back within a few years. The-ColonAnother succesful treatment is burning the tumour away with dangerous and highly carcinogenic radiation. This often causes all kinds of damage and if the tumour doesn’t come back at the same place, then usually cancer will show up somewhere else. And how anyone can ever say that chemotherapy is succesful is beyond my understanding. It’s extremely toxic, many cancer patients die from it and it has never cured anyone. But I suppose it’s considered succesful if the tumour shrinks and the patient is still alive a few years later.

Like I said: these cancer screening programs don’t save any lives. You can manipulate numbers in a variety of ways, but the only numbers that cannot be manipulated are the birth and death rates. And then you see that these screening programs don’t save lives. Do they increase the death rates? That’s impossible to say, for people die from all kinds of things at an earlier and earlier age. Without accurate registration of causes of death we won’t know how dangerous these screening programs are. index

But why would you take the risk when there is no benefit? A healthy, junk free diet can prevent most cases of bowel cancer and if you would get it anyway, then there are many highly effective, natural treatments available. Treatments that cure, not kill. And that are risk free and don’t cost much.

I’m not in the target age group yet, but when I get such a kit I will return it to sender. Then these scientists can put it into their own rear ends.


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