What to do with superbugs?

Australian health officials are on alert about superbugs. But is there something like a superbug and is it really that hard to get rid of them? Let’s see how things really are.

Superbugs are said to be the result of overuse of antibiotics. That’s partially true, but not more than that. Bacteria have always mutated and adjusted to a change in environment. And we should be really happy about that, for without bacteria the world couldn’t exist. Bacteria are the cleaners of the world and without them this earth would have been covered in thick layers of rubbish within a few years. Bacteria are not our enemies. You could easily say that bacteria are the most important species on earth, so we should better be a bit nice to them.941038-3x4-340x453

Are antibiotics really that great? Maybe, but maybe not. On the surface you could say that they have saved many lives and that is probably true. But they might also have taken many lives and that’s not something we ever hear about. Antibiotics don’t discriminate between the bacteria that cause trouble and the ones that do a useful job. It’s known that antibiotics kill our gut bacteria and that can lead to many problems later in life. But when we get diseases that are linked to bad gut health they are not attributed to the antibiotics we took earlier.

But what about the bacteria that made us sick? At least they are killed. That’s true, but it’s not necessarily a good thing either. As I said, bacteria are necessary to clean up dead organic material, and they also do that in our bodies. Without bacteria we would be filled with dead cells and would die quickly. It’s only when these bacteria go out of hand that we can get sick and even die. But antibiotics will kill all these bacteria and we might not have any left to get rid of our personal debris. And that can cause a lot of trouble later in life.

Another problem with antibiotics is that they cause problems with our metabolism. di89nMLieThe reasons why farmers feed their animals so many antibiotics is not in the first place to prevent them from getting sick. It’s done so that they get fat fast. So when we take antibiotics we also get fat fast. And that’s exactly what we see in society. Even people who go on a strictly natural, sugar free, junk free diet often cannot get rid of all the fat. And that’s likely caused by the antibiotics. In Australia doctors prescribe antibiotics like they are aspirins, so very few people will get 30 without having had them. Young babies already get these drugs, making them very vulnerable for chronic diseases later.

So what about these superbugs? The best way to keep them in check is to have a strong body. Eat healthy (so no sugar and other junk food), get a lot of exercise and fresh air, get rid of stress and sleep long enough. Take extra vitamins and stay away from as many chemicals as possible (this includes drugs). Then there’s very little risk that you get seriously sick with any bacterial infection. hand-washing-custom-dataAnd what if something goes wrong and you do need to treat bacteria? Then there are quite a few natural options. Depending on how bad the infection is and where it is located the options range from honey, garlic and coconut oil to oregano oil, MMS and vitamin C. And probably many more, but I can only think of these right now.

Superbugs are nothing special. They just won’t be killed with antibiotics. That’s all. They aren’t any stronger than any other bacteria. If doctors would just want to see what bacteria really and how bad antibiotics really are, then they could start treating patients without harming or killing them with highly toxic drugs. But the idea that natural is better than man made is just not something that fits in our medical model.


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