Age and autism

Some scientific studies would be really hilarious, if they weren’t about such serious topics. Autism is a very serious problem, as this is a disease that has become pandemic and is affecting extremely high numbers of children. Nevertheless scientists don’t take it very seriously and refuse to look at the real cause of the problem. Instead they come up with hilarious stories, like the study that shows that the age of the parents is actually a big risk factor for autism. It’s not so hard to prove that living in a white house increases the risk of autism, or wearing purple clothes during the first six months of life, or being born in a city that starts with the letter R. Studies like this are notoriously unreliable, because it’s very easy to set up the study and manipulate the numbers in such a way that you get the desired outcome.index

So what’s wrong with this study? First of all it’s just an investigational study and no scientist should ever come to conclusions based on the collection of data. Those data can be influenced by a variety of things and that’s why an investigational study should always be followed by a clinical study. In a clinical study all kinds of other influences are largely eliminated, so that you get a better idea of what’s really happening. Many times the clinical studies proved the investigational studies wrong.

In this case it could be that older or younger parents have different lifestyles, which could influence the rate of autism. Or the parents in different age groups might have been taken from different groups in society (a neat trick to get the desired outcome). Or maybe older and very young parents are more likely to get their children vaccinated. Oops, that’s the elephant in the room, so we better ignore that. After all there has been some nutty, biased, pharma-sponsored imagesresearch that showed that there is no link between autism and vaccinations.

Something else that makes studies like this useless, is that they don’t explain why autism was rare in 1950 and a world-wide disaster in 2015. Parents have always had their children somewhere between age 12 and age 52, so if that was the cause of the problem, then there should always  have been so many children with autism. But we all know that there are only small numbers of people with high-functioning autism in their 50’s and 60’s, but none with regressive, low-functioning autism. Any disease that increases so dramatically in such a short period of time cannot be caused by genetics, the age of the parents or the birth month. It must be caused by environmental factors.

But the really hilarious part of this study is the age groups that are mentioned. Young mothers, old mothers, young fathers, old fathers, and anything in between can be the cause of autism, as long as it happens in a certain combination.

Autism-Martial-ArtsWith so many options you will always find something you can use. This is not science, it’s pure fiction. And not remotely original fiction, for similar stories have been written already quite a few times.

Anything must be done to ignore the elephant in the room. For I mentioned the environmental reasons for autism. What has changed in the last 50 years that can explain this explosion of seriously disabled children? Though this article has been published in a psychiatric journal, autism is a neurological disorder. And many neurotoxic things have entered the lives of children during the last 50 years. Food is poisoned with pesticides, household chemicals are used liberally and babies are routinely injected with neurotoxic chemicals. For yes, vaccines contain things like formaldehyde, aluminium, MSG and mercury. (Don’t be fooled by the messages that they don’t contain mercury anymore. They do, but in a lower dose and our governments have decided that a little bit of the most toxic substance on earth is OK for injection in a newborn baby).

AutismAwarenessSo if you are pregnant, or plan to have a baby, make sure that all neurotoxic substances are kept at a long distance from mother and baby. And even men better stay away from them if they want to father a healthy child. That means organic food (if you can afford it and have access to it), only natural cleaning products and absolutely nothing that comes from the pharmaceutical industry: no prescription drugs, no over-the-counter drugs and most definitely no vaccines.

There are no guarantees for a healthy baby, for there are no guarantees in life. But with some common sense and good information you give yourself and your children the best possible chance for health. And stay away from scientific fiction. If you want to read your children stories, get some picture books from the library.


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