Clotting enzymes and heart attacks

I should know better, but I’m still a little surprised every time I read about medical breakthroughs, that at best produce a minimally better way to treat symptoms. Aren’t these scientists ashamed to call these things breakthroughs? I suppose that’s how they tell themselves that their work is useful. Now they have found an enzyme that MAY protect against heart disease and stroke. 6526388-3x2-340x227

In 1900 heart disease was so rare that doctors weren’t taught about it in medical school. They knew about the functioning of the heart and of course occasionally someone would die when the heart stopped beating. But the epidemic of heart disease that we know nowadays is a new phenomenon. And it has nothing to do with too much or not enough of a certain enzyme.

Every disease that has become more common, or epidemic, during the last 100 years is related to environmental factors. That includes our own lifestyle, as well as the huge variety of pollution that we are exposed to nowadays. Still researchers keep working on treatments and have absolutely no idea why people get sick. At least that’s what they tell themselves and each other. It’s hard to believe that they really don’t see this, but maybe they simply choose not to see.

d15d9b394c3cfc9e5428a8f715d8d786This new enzyme discovery is supposed to lead to new drugs, which would be better than the usual blood thinning medication. These kind of drugs are not only useless, but very dangerous. It’s funny that the article says that these drugs should protect against heart attacks and strokes, as they are known to cause strokes. Heart disease is not caused by lack of aspirin or any other drug. So how exactly can a drug than prevent it? That just doesn’t make sense.

As heart disease is a lifestyle disease, then changing your lifestyle can solve the problem. First of all everyone should take extra vitamin C, as we are all deficient. We all live highly stressful lives and stress takes an awful lot of vitamin C. At the same time the “fresh produce” we buy in the supermarket is usually so old that it doesn’t contain a lot of vitamin C anymore. Many people have just enough vitamin C not to develop scurvy, but that’s it. And because our food has been grown on depleted soils most of us lack a variety of nutrients. Without supplementation it’s almost impossible not to be malnourished. Heart disease (and many other diseases) are caused by lack of nutrients, not by lack of drugs.heart-attacks-india

It’s quite ironic that the research about the new drug has been published in a magazine named Nature Communication. If the researchers would communicate better with nature then they would advise all heart patients to supplement with vitamin C and selenium (just to name two very important nutrients). But they probably don’t know these things. And if they would know, they would keep it secret. For there is no prestige in food supplements. And you cannot do much research about these things. And so there is no money in it. A new drug could make billions of dollars, but with vitamin C you can hardly make a living.

And so all the heart patients in the world are sacrificed to money. And they don’t know it. And many of them still have such a strong faith in science and medicine that they wouldn’t even listen if they were told these basic principles. Scientific fiction is killing many and nobody takes responsibility.


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