The non-use of a multi-virus test

Researchers have developed a test that can tell you what viruses have infected your body. Well, that’s what they say, but is it true? Unfortunately they are very far away from reality.

The test only looks for antibodies and though these thingies have a great reputation, reality is that nobody knows what these things are. They seem to come and go and you can test positive one moment and negative a few months later. You can be positive without an infection or negative while you are sick. And they most definitely don’t have anything to do with immunity.site_1_rand_1970777690_doping_blood_test_100527_b_aap I’m sure they mean something, but not what doctors and researchers tell us.

So this test is supposed to show what kind of viral infection you ever have had. What’s the use of that? Even if viruses would make sick, then your immune system has got rid of them 1-2 weeks after infection. So what’s the use of knowing you ever had the flu or the chickenpox? When you keep reading the article it shows that the researchers actually have no idea either what they should do with this information, but still they consider it a “powerful research tool”. That sounds like this test is very useful to keep the researchers in a job, but for the general population it won’t be helpful at all.

What this test will certainly do is diagnose people with all kinds of infections and possible infections and chances for a disease.virus_01 And with that they will be pushed into a medical treatment, usually with highly toxic drugs, which won’t do any good and will do a lot of harm.

Interesting though is that the researchers talk about viral infections that won’t cause any health problems for a long time. Why doesn’t the immune system simply remove these viruses, like it does with other germs? The whole idea of dormant viruses doesn’t make remotely any sense. It’s a phantasy. Pure fiction.

The same goes for viruses that could be involved in the development chronic and degenerative diseases and cancer. That’s pure fiction and it’s not even good fiction. But this test neatly fits in the scheme of the pharmaceutical industry, which right now is developing hundreds of new vaccines, mainly against cancer and chronic diseases. So what is the likely scenario? First people will have to be convinced to take this test and then they can be “helped” with vaccines, or drugs. 831The logic behind giving a vaccine after an infection is missing of course. But then again, the logic behind the way vaccines are pushed on the people is completely lacking.

So if you want to get a useless piece of paper and you want to sponsor the pharmaceutical industry, then by all means get this test done. If you prefer to stay healthy, then don’t even think about it. It will also save you time, for I’m sure that people will line up for this test, as soon as it becomes available.


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