Melting lakes in Greenland

It always suprises me that climate scientists don’t mind writing studies that are riddled with “if this, then that”, without any evidence for the first. If the sky comes down we will all get blue hair. That’s the level of climate science nowadays. So now scientists have discovered that lakes in Greenland have a funny way of draining themselves. And somehow that might have implications for the ice in Antarctica. Do you see the connection? I don’t.

6521704-3x4-340x453When these lakes in summer empty themselves into the ocean the sea level rises. Do you believe that? The sea is very big and it’s connected to much bigger oceans. So I don’t know what they mean with “sea”, but it can’t possibly be anything else than a very, very local phenomenon that disappears again very quickly. To connect this with permanently rising sea levels on the whole earth is quite a stretch, to say it friendly.

But also in this story there is a professor who wants to convince us of something. This prof says that if the temperatures will go up more of such lakes will form and more water will drain into the sea. If this would happen: so what? Does he really think that this is something new and something nature cannot handle itself? He probably does, as he tries to convince us that Greenland will melt.

It’s just such a pain that even the IPCC has admitted that the earth isn’t warming anymore. Yes, I know they quickly added that this is just temporarily. But the IPCC is a political organisation and since when do politicians speak the truth?6522220-3x2-340x227 If even they admit that the earth isn’t warming anymore, you can be sure that it’s cooling down. And that’s exactly what we see everywhere in the world. Slowly, but steadily the world is getting cooler again. But climate scientists ignore this, and keep going on with their stories. Wilder and wilder stories and more and more pathetic attempts to scare us. I feel sorry for people who feel like they should make complete fools of themselves, just to keep their jobs.

Greenland is still very white, not like a thousand years ago, when it was actually green in the coastal areas. And lakes that drain themselves into the sea is an interesting phenomenon, but nothing more than that.


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