Carbohydrates and mice

When scientists get involved in food advice we need to get worried. They have been responsible for the horrible avalanche of toxic foods, so the chance that they say something useful is small. Now these researchers say that a high carbohydrate diet would be good for us. They have studied this on mice.

And there is immediately the biggest flaw of this study. Lab_mouse_mg_3216Mice aren’t humans. Maybe mice are useful in some studies, but most definitely not when it’s about food. Mice are considered omnivores, but they do fine on just plant foods. And vegans don’t like this, but humans are really made to eat loads of animals foods. (Those same vegans need to make really big effort to stay healthy on just plant foods). Plant foods are the main source of carbohydrates, where animal foods mainly provide protein and fat. Every species has its own nutritional needs and you cannot do a study on mice and then interpret that like it’s the same for humans. You would assume that lab researchers know those things, but either they are dumb or they just want to keep their cushy jobs and don’t care about facts.

It’s known that calorie restriction in itself is healthy. But the article confuses calorie restriction with low calorie fad diets. These are completely different things. Calorie restriction as a lifestyle simple means that you never eat more than you absolutely need. Overeating is unhealthy and that makes sense.4837332-3x2-340x227

The problem is that all these studies are focused on weight loss strategies and hardly give any attention to health. And while being obese is not really healthy, the weight itself is usually not the main cause of health problems. It’s the reason why people are overweight that causes things like diabetes and cancer. Obesity is almost always caused by a diet of too much sugar, too much sugar, too much sugar, too much refined food and too much junk food. It’s not just that sugar gives “empty calories”. It’s a lot more complicated. The truckloads of sugar people consume nowadays messes up the metabolism and that causes all the problems. Cutting out all the junk and going back to a natural diet is the main way to achieve health through diet. You don’t need a scientific study for that.

In short: this is another study that is a huge waste of money. It doesn’t say anything, it makes some wild assumptions and mainly it criticizes some fad diets. And it mixes up some fads with healthy eating habits. There is one dietary rule that works 100%: if a food didn’t exist 150 years ago, don’t eat it. fruit-4Another quite simple rule is: stop overeating. Once you go back to eating the amount of food your body wants and not more you will quickly start to feel better. Overeating is not healthy and if you just eat real foods it might not cause a lot of weight gain, but it’s not what we are supposed to do. And it’s also plain uncomfortable.

Common sense and knowledge of real food is all people need to get healthier. And once you start a diet of real food you won’t only feel better, but in most cases the excess weight will also start to disappear. That’s two birds with one stone. And that’s a lot better than nutty studies like this. (I think the mice would like a nutty study though. Nuts are good.)


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