The Ebola hoax is still alive

It’s not surprising  that the Ebola hoax is kept alive. For some unclear reason the manufactured Ebola epidemic was officially over before the vaccine made it on the market. I suppose it takes too long to make the vaccine, so those who decide about these things will wait till it’s ready. And then there will be a new epidemic, so that governments can push the vaccine on as many people as possible. Scientists are working hard on this vaccine, so it won’t be too long till that happens.

Considering that there is no such thing as an Ebola virus I am really curious what the researchers have found. They think that a certain protein plays an important role and might lead to an effective vaccine. 6362866-3x2-340x227That’s is 50% wishful thinking and 50% fiction. There are no effective vaccines and viruses don’t make sick. But the latter doesn’t matter, for everyone involved knows that Ebola isn’t just one disease and is most definitely not caused by just one kind of germ.

Facts are so easily disguised in the media. Every year some 750,000 Africans die from tuberculosis and malaria alone. But 10,000 who are said to have died from Ebola are “the worst outbreak ever”. If the first outbreak of a disease was two people and the next one affects four people, then that’s also the “worst outbreak ever”. This has nothing to do with facts or science, it’s just politics.

So what is Ebola? If we just go by the limited information that reached us from Africa, Ebola can cause bleedings, fever, vomiting, coughing, just to name a few symptoms. indexBut many people who were supposedly infected didn’t have bleedings and only mild other symptoms. Everyone knows that fever, vomiting and cough can be caused by many different things. In an area that has a lot of meningitis, malaria and tuberculosis these are likely suspects. And the bleeding which happened to some people? That was most probably caused by scurvy. Civil war, poverty, lack of good food and poor sanitation can easily do that. It probably happens a lot in such areas, but most of the time we don’t hear about it. But now at once it was declared an Ebola epidemic. Why Ebola? I have no idea. But politicians have invented loads of “viral diseases” over time, with one name even more exotic than the other. Wherever journalists and real scientists get a chance to investigate these diseases, they always show to be caused by environmental factors. And then this information is carefully hidden from the public.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-06-at-3.14.52-PMSo all the researchers need to do is find a vaccine based on a fake virus, that doesn’t kill too many people too quickly. I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories, as I don’t like them and it’s not what this blog is about. But considering how fake and hyped up this Ebola epidemic was, we can expect another fake and hyped up epidemic as soon as this vaccine is on the market. Then scientists will be interviewed and quoted, using large amounts of fake science speak and it will sound very impressive. And many people will accept the vaccine, especially in Africa. How many poor, malnourished Africans will die then is something we might never know. Maybe it is the intention of certain politicians to kill Africans. It’s more likely that it’s all about money. Imagine that you can sell a vaccine to at least half Africa, most of the USA and a big part of the rest of the world. That’s worth a few years of fake science.

And I have one tip for you: don’t believe everything you read in the media. They have a habit of lying.


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