Personalised cancer vaccine

At the moment there are about 270 different vaccines in the pipeline and many of them are for cancer. So it’s not surprising that scientists now start a human trial with a personalised cancer vaccine. This should stimulate the immune system and that way the tumour should shrink, so that the patient lives longer.

There are loads of messages about new cancer treatments all the time. But I have noticed that all those researchers very rarely mention that they have found a possible cure (they have no interest in a cure anyway). 259460-3x2-340x227All they find are possibilities to keep patients alive for a bit longer and sometimes a treatment that makes other treatments less disastrous. They are working carefully on keeping business going. For oncologists want to keep their jobs and the only way to keep the patients coming is to keep them alive, but not cured. Keep them on a treatment for as long as possible and they will keep paying you. It’s a good business model.

This whole new research also says with huge letters “WE HAVE FAILED”, for only patients where the cancer has come back qualify. That is odd, to say the least. These researchers should be humble and admit that they can’t do anything to cure the patients, but maybe they have something that might keep people alive a bit longer. But they aren’t saying that. They have the usual attitude of cancer researchers and present this new study as something fantastic. And I don’t know what the doctors are going to tell patients about this, but they usually make their treatments sound like the patient might get cured, even when they know there’s nothing like that in sight.

brain-cancer-vaccine“The vaccine is produced from a patient’s own cancer cells and is combined with a proprietary immunostimulant to activate the immune system.” This sounds extremely dangerous. Vaccines have stimulated the immune system for as long as they exist, with disastrous results. There is no way whatsoever you can manipulate the immune system without causing an awful lot of trouble. But don’t worry about that, those disasters usually don’t show up till several months or years later and these cancer patients won’t live that long. But it’s particularly absurd that these doctors first give patients chemo drugs, which completely destroy their immune system, and when the cancer comes back they want to give a drug to stimulate that immune system. There is no business like return business.

The new treatment is only available to those who have no other options available. If that were true nobody would qualify. For there are many, many options available for every cancer patient. What the professor should say is, that the treatment is only available to those who don’t qualify for the usual conventional treatments. That’s something completely different.

Stimulating the immune system is the best thing you can do when you have cancer. Ruining it with chemo is the worst thing. vegetables[1]You stimulate your immune system with good food, fresh air, meditation and relaxation. High doses of vitamins and certain herbs will also do miracles. A dangerous vaccine is not on the list of things you should even consider.

Vaccines are known to cause cancer for a variety of reasons. The main reasons are that they disturb the immune system and contain large amounts of carcinogenic toxins. If we want to lower the number of people getting cancer we should stop with those shots. But that won’t happen any time soon. There is way too much money in vaccines. And there is way too much money in treating the results of vaccinations. It’s a sad world when crimes against humanity are called science.


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