The rise of egg allergies

Scientists have come a step closer to developing allergy-free eggs. So they created GMO chickens that lay GMO eggs and that somehow is supposed to be healthy. This sounds like an extremely bad idea. But if you want to limit the population it’s probably a good idea.

The scientists have created synthetic versions of egg white proteins. But of course we all know that synthetic food is bad for us. I don’t think there will be a lot of people who think that synthetic proteins are healthy. Personally I would rather eat a synthetic hamburger. Well, no thanks. I won’t eat any of them.831157-83b458d8-f524-11e4-8e4e-6efc8b88c263 The idea that this is good for the human race is absurd, and actually a bit scary. Franken-eggs are not something we remotely need.

There are 40 proteins in egg white, but only four cause most of the allergic reactions. What will happen if those four are replaced with synthetic versions? The chances are high that then simply allergies for the other 36 proteins will develop. Things like that happen all the time when humans mess with nature. But the scientists are not bothered by such details.

9% of all infants in Victoria has an egg allergy. That’s a very serious problem and something that should be thoroughly investigated. Food allergies were rare 60 years ago, but now they are epidemic. Yes, if 9% of infants has a certain medical condition that most definitely qualifies as an epidemic. So a real scientist would start to look into the cause of this dramatic increase, not develop a toxic band-aid for a life-threatening condition.

imagesWhat could be the causes of this epidemic? Let’s look what happens in a baby’s life that isn’t particularly healthy. Before birth many mothers are injected with a flu shot, which contains chicken protein. The mother might not develop an allergy, but this is likely to predispose the baby to it. After all vaccines for pregnant women are supposed to have an effect on the baby, so it’s silly not to apply this prinicple to the negative side of the shots. Is it certain that the baby will be affected? No, for the safety of flu shots for pregnant women has never been researched. I suppose the scientists are too busy developing GMO eggs. If the baby is born without an allergy then at age 12 months they are injected with the MMR vaccine, which is made with eggs. Egg protein is injected into babies and scientists have no idea how the kids can develop an allergy? Nope, they choose to be blind. Just as they are blind to the simple fact that peanut allergies skyrocketed as soon as peanut oil was used for the manufacturing of certain vaccines. You can hardly have a bigger elephant in the room, but if there’s a will, there is a way. And scientists are extremly willing to find ways to ignore the obvious.

What happens more? As the article says eggs are used for many things, including cosmetics and drugs. It doesn’t say what kind of cosmetics, but if you use commercial lotions and creams on your baby it’s likely it will get 2491533c170e83463579a7f9ba2ea44aegg proteins on its skin. And many babies get drugs, so that’s another source. As long as those drugs are given orally it might not be so dangerous, but many drugs for babies are given in other ways. And nope, none of these things are tested for their potential to cause egg allergies.

Then there is the food that babies get. The digestive system of babies is designed to digest breast milk, nothing else. Till doctors and the food industry started to interfere with the feeding of babies it was the standard that 12 months old babies only got breast milk. But now they are fed a variety of substances, often as early as 6 weeks, because scientists and other “experts” say that’s good. But obviously it’s not that good if 9% of the babies have a food allergy.

You really don’t need a PhD to see the causes of egg allergies in little kids, and many adults. Everyone who thinks for two minutes could figure this one out. Removing the causes of the allergy would solve the problem immediately and permanently. eggsAnd that’s exactly the problem. Why would any scientist want to solve a problem like this? It would make them redundant. Besides, removing the simple causes has no prestige. Creating synthetic eggs on the other hand obviously can make you famous.

Messing with chickens and messing with food cannot and will not bring the world anything good. Can anyone tell these scientists to stop ruining the world? And then give them a huge kick at their behinds, fire them and force them get a job where they do something useful.

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