The Ebola hoax continues

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has lasted anywhere from 12-16 months, depending on your source of information. And during that period some 11,000 people are said to have died from this virus. Considering that every year around 750,000 Africans die from malaria and tuberculosis alone this is hardly worth the hype and the enormous efforts to get rid of the disease. But the good news is that it’s almost over. The bad news is that it disappeared too quickly, for now researchers haven’t had the chance to properly test their new vaccine. But don’t worry about that, for these same researchers have figured out that a computer model is just as good as real trials. Considering the particularly poor efficacy of vaccines this could be considered the joke of the year, but unfortunately these people are serious. 6116578-3x2-340x227

There are some problems with this approach, for the outbreak hasn’t been uniform and the disease had many different appearances. That does not remotely sound like Ebola is one disease, caused by one virus. And that was exactly what the small amount of information that reached the world told us. Some people died from internal bleeding, others from fevers or vomiting and many weren’t so sick at all. When a disease has so many different symptoms you can be sure it’s not just one disease. Because it doesn’t make sense that one pathogen would create completely different symptoms from one person to another. Or from one country to another.

So what exactly has happened in a few areas of Africa? Only those who have lived there for a considerable time can know this. All others can just guess. During the whole Ebola outbreak hardly any information was available and journalists were hardly allowed, because “that would be too dangerous”. That sounds a lot like politics and not remotely like any kind of science.

140727-ebola-jms-2109_1ed47d529151d5ad829c219cb5173cedLet’s assume that there would be something like a disease causing virus. Just for the fun. Then where did the Ebola virus come from? Did it just materialize out of nothing? And why did it stick around in such a small area? And if it is so dangerous and so highly contagious, then why did only 11,000 die from it in more than a year? It just doesn’t remotely add up.

It is really not so hard to see what happens. There are no disease causing viruses in the first place, so there is no virus that causes Ebola. There is not even something like Ebola. The truth is that unfortunately many Africans die at a way too young age. They mainly die from malnutrition, poverty, wars and pollution. And sometimes from Western doctors who bring a variety of toxic substances to the people. We won’t know what these people really died from, but it’s likely from a variety of causes, from scurvy and meningitis to tuberculosis and medical treatments.

So why the hype? Well, if we ignore power and politics then there’s money. For the researchers are working on a vaccine. Considering that there are some 270 vaccines in the pipeline it’s likely that this vaccine was ready to be tested, so an outbreak was created. That leaves the question why the outbreak stopped too quickly. Again that information is hidden from the world, so it’s likely another political game. imagesToo bad for the researchers, who want to get their names in the archives with another useless and dangerous vaccine.

The question is how many more outbreaks of new viral diseases will be created to scare people into taking more and more vaccines. The market for vaccines is decreasing and Big Pharma doesn’t like that. So they come with more and more extreme scare campaigns in an attempt to make money. And there are still enough people who are willing to be guinea pigs for all the useless vaccines against non-existing viruses. And they also volunteer their children for this.

These vaccines are not science and they are not fiction. They are a crime against humanity.


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