Diabetes and genes

Researchers have found a genetic link with type 2 diabetes in mice and now they think they are on their way to finding a new treatment. Do they really need to research this?

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease and it has existed for a very long time, though there has been a huge increase in the last 50 years. But type 2 diabetes is fully lifestyle related and was (almost?) unknown 150 years ago. It’s impossible to know if it really didn’t exist at all in the past, but if it existed it just happened to the very rich, who could afford loads of sugar and refined foods and didn’t need to work. And this is not a secret! 6474022-1x1-340x340It’s quite generally known that type 2 diabetes is caused by lifestyle and can usually be reversed by changing that lifestyle. So why are researchers trying to find a genetic cause? That’s pretty pathetic.

Over the last few decades a real obsession with genes has developed. The main reason for that is that is sounds very scientific and it gives loads of researchers a well-paid job. But actually there is very little science involved in this kind of research. It all starts with an assumption: the assumption that our genetic make-up determines our lives and that there is little we can do about it. But not only has that assumption never been proven, it isn’t too hard to see that it cannot possibly be true. If genes would decide whether we get sick or not, then why didn’t our ancestors 150 years ago get all those diseases? From cystic fibrosis and MS to breast cancer and diabetes: these diseases were very rare or non-existent 150 years ago. Genes really don’t change that quickly, but nevertheless these diseases have become epidemic in our society. And what’s so interesting: everywhere in the world where they adopt the western lifestyle these kind of diseases start to increase rapidly. Can anyone seriously say that this has anything to do with genes? The only genetic link is that our genes determine that we are humans and indexobviously humans are dumb and self-destructive creatures.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar, too much sugar, too much sugar, too much refined foods, too much of all other junk and as a result not enough real food. Many people don’t know anymore what the difference is between junk food and real food. And they have trained their brains so strongly for an overload of sugar that even a mango or strawberry tastes bland to them. That’s a very sad situation, but it has nothing to do with genes.

A proven way to cure type 2 diabetes is to throw out all (and I mean ALL) processed foods. That’s not easy and for most people it requires proper education, a lot of help, patience and determination. And that’s the real problem. Proper education is hard to find, for doctors and dieticians still stick with the absurd theories that many natural foods (e.g. butter or grapes) are bad and toxic factory foods (e.g. canola oil or packaged orange juice) are healthy. But even if you get proper education, where do you get the help to buy your groceries without getting confused? There is none. And if you don’t have access to that, then patience is hard and your determination will disappear very quickly.images

Many health gurus also keep pushing exercise, usually in the wrong way. When you have type 2 diabetes it’s definitely a good idea to exercise more, but it’s not the way to a cure or to weight loss. For most people exercise is something that should slowly be built into the details of life. But even that is hard if nobody guides you in this process.

So what should be done against this diabetes epidemic? The only way to combat it is a complete make-over of society. But that is economically unattractive. Imagine that all junk food would disappear from the supermarket shelves. The food industry would be farmers and bakers again, instead of multi-nationals. To me that sounds like a very good plan, but too few people would agree with me, so it won’t happen. Instead society pays truckloads of scientists with fancy titles to experiment with mice. And then when they have found a link they will try to translate that to humans. And then they will develop an expensive drug that at best will treat the symptoms a bit, but will kill more people than it helps. No drug can cure an unhealthy lifestyle. But drugs can make a lot of money, so that’s obviously all that matters. That people die from preventable diseases doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Most definitely not politicians and scientists. And this attitude might not be genetic, but it’s definitely contagious, as it spreads all over the world.


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