The flu shot hoax continued

Scientists have found things that they hope will lead to a life-long flu vaccine. Luckily for the pharmaceutical industry this is complete fiction. Imagine that everyone would only get one flu shot in their lifetime. Big Pharma would miss out on billions of dollars each year. They wouldn’t let that happen, so that in itself is enough to know that this article is complete rubbish.

Scientists have found people who recovered quicker from the bird flu than others. But what exactly is this bird flu? 6468496-3x2-340x227That’s a good question and I can assure you that nobody could answer it with information that is scientifically correct. As I explained quite a few times before, viruses don’t make sick. They usually show up at the same time as a disease, but to blindly assume that that means that the virus causes the disease (as virology has done from the very beginning) results in pure fiction. If you don’t believe this you can easily look it up in any virology book. There is no proof that viruses make sick. So the bird flu per definition cannot be caused by a flu virus. That still doesn’t answer the question what the bird flu is. I don’t recall the general symptoms, but it probably had nothing to do with the flu at all. Many diseases cause a fever and vomiting. To call them all the flu is quite a stretch.

So what about those killer T-cells? I don’t know enough about virology to know what they mean with that and why they think these cells have anything to do with viruses.images 2 Maybe they also show up at the same time as the virus and disappear at the same time as the virus. And maybe people who have more of these cells recover quicker from a virus-associated disease. But you see the problem? The fact that two things exist together doesn’t mean that one affects the other. It can also be the other way around. Or both have the same cause and exist independently. Viruses are so small that they cannot be seen with a normal microscope. And an electron microscope kills them. So researchers can’t see how any cell kills a virus. Reality is that it has been proven by Royal Rife that disease causes viruses. But that was so much against mainstream “science” that the guy was seriously harassed and his special microscope and all his files were destroyed. You must dig deep to find the information.

As viruses are very important for our wellbeing we better hope that these scientists are completely wrong with their theory that T-cells destroy viruses. For then these cells would probably kill us.

That still doesn’t answer the question what bird flu is. I don’t know either of course (I assume nobody knows, as they simply blame a virus). indexConsidering that all these new flu like diseases usually stick in one area I tend to blame toxic substances, either naturally or man made. Many diseases are actually caused by toxins and once we are sick our bodies make viruses to fight the disease. That also explains why animals have different viruses than humans.

So what is the normal flu? That’s a nutrient deficiency disease. It’s known that enough vitamin D reduces the chance for the flu considerably. (OK, technically vitamin D is not a nutrient, but let’s not go into those details now.) And it’s also known that large amounts of vitamin C clear the flu up pretty quickly. So lack of vitamin C and D are clearly two important factors. It’s likely that some other deficiencies play a role as well. Vaccines deplete the vitamin C in the body, which could explain why the flu shot sends so many people over the edge and straight into a flu attack. The flu is most definitely not caused by a virus that mutates in Asia, first travels to the Northern Hemisphere and six months later to the Southern Hemisphere, travels all over the country without making anyone sick, lies dormant till winter starts and then at once wakes up to cause runny noses and sore throats everywhere at the same time.cold&flu

That simply means that any kind of flu shot is 100% useless. It causes disease, but cannot possible prevent anything whatsoever. But scientists don’t care about such futile details. They keep going on about something they must know is wrong. If they don’t see that they are writing fiction they are completely incompetent. If they do know that their work is of no use, then they are just pathetic. But as I said at the beginning of this post: they are just keeping themselves busy with things they know won’t be acceptable to their main sponsors. How people can work their whole lives on things they know are useless is beyond my understanding. But I suppose generous wages make up for a lot.


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