Sea levels that don’t rise

A new study has found that sea levels have risen faster in the last 20 years than in the whole 20th century. Funny, for it’s a known fact that sea levels are very hard to measure. The level of the sea is influenced by many different factors and most of them are unknown. But scientists get rarely influenced by such details. 6461806-3x2-340x227

The scientists have now been able to find an explanation for an “anomaly” that bothered them for a long time. This simply means that the sea didn’t do what it was supposed to do according to the computer models of the climate scientists. Actually the sea levels rose and then it went down again. This is something that can be expected when there are so many things that you don’t know about. Nobody knows what happens at 5+ km deep. And nobody can know how all those huge water masses influence each other. That is the big problem with climate scientists: most of the things that matter are beyond their understanding and always will be.

But scientists love to solve such problems, so they came up with a new calculation, comparing the data from tide gauges with satellite data. It’s obvious that this kind of calculations can be manipulated from the first to the last number, so this kind of information is useless. clip_image002But scientists do a lot of wishful thinking and a lot of their research is based on this, so it’s no surprise that every climate scientist wants to add to the book of fiction. Calculations that most people don’t understand are a good way to impress the general public. And with a lot of “science speak” you can often hide all those things that you make up.

Also this time the article is full of vague statements. They think they have the answer. They make corrections and then get a better picture. The study suggested. And then they predict the sea levels to rise with up to 98 cm in the next 85 years. That’s a very precise prediction after all these vague statements! Such precise numbers give the impression of accuracy, but that’s just a trick. These numbers aren’t any more scientific than “1 meter in the next 100 years”. Predictions about rising sea levels have been made now several decades and the numbers go from 20 cm to 5 meters. But even 20 cm is something you would notice at the beach. Have you heard any councils or hotel owners complain that the beaches are getting so small? Me neither. That’s because it doesn’t happen. 800px-Global_Sea_Level_Rise_Risks

The end of the article is the usual obligatory statement about reduction of greenhouse gases. But after all the vague and odd statements before that it doesn’t sound remotely convincing. Climate scientists should admit that it has all been one big mistake (the word hoax sounds a bit unfriendly in this context) and get themselves real jobs. But then I couldn’t write this blog post, so maybe I should encourage them to keep writing this fiction. But also without climate fiction there is plenty of other scientific fiction. So I’m not worried that climate scientists will see the light. Though I don’t think that will happen any time soon.