Measles even more dangerous?

Obviously the world isn’t scared enough for measles, for researchers have done a study to prove that measles is still dangerous three years after the infection. Is that true? Of course it’s not. A bit of common sense shows immediately that this must be fiction.

Measles is not caused by a virus, for viruses don’t make sick. They just happen to show up at the same time as a disease, but it has never been proven that they are the cause of the disease. On the contrary, it has been proven that the disease causes the viruses, but that’s not something we are allowed to know and you must dig deep to find this information. So virology is one big hoax and any kind of research about disease causing viruses is per definition fiction.

But let’s look at this research. MeaslesThe article doesn’t say much about the research methods, probably because then it would become too obvious that this whole study is based on nothing but a large grant from Big Pharma and its cronies. All we know is that the researchers looked at the death rates before and after the introduction of the measles vaccine. How long before isn’t mentioned, but this could be as much as a hundred years. A of course in 1900 more children died from all kinds of diseases than in 2015. This is a very common trick when it’s about diseases that have a vaccine. Statistics can be manipulated in a hundred ways.

So how did these researchers know that a child had had measles? In 1950 parents really didn’t go to the doctor with it, for it was just a part of ordinary life. Every mother knew what to do when a kid had measles and complications were rare. So the data for this must be made up. The researchers do know which children have been vaccinated against measles, but they ignore the fact that at least 10% of the children develop measles after the vaccination. Because no doctor admits this. The kids have a “measles like disease”, but it’s not measles. Because it cannot be measles, because it’s not allowed to be measles.

6082306-3x2-340x227Then the researchers talk about the period after the measles infection that other diseases show up, but they conveniently talk about the “average period”. So some died within two weeks and others died ten years later. That’s not very useful information. So what is this “very strong correlation”? We can only guess, but if we would look at the full study it’s very likely that the correlation is largely absent and just based on manipulation of numbers and a lot of wishful thinking. Else they would be more specific in the media.

And then there is another problem. There are truckloads of studies that show that measles is very GOOD for the immune system and that children after a week of measles make a jump in their development. They do better at school, they have improved motoric skills, talk better and chronic diseases like asthma and eczema often spontaneously disappear. There are even researchers who experiment with giving people with cancer a measles infection, because that can cure the cancer.

Before the vaccine was introduced it was common knowledge that measles wask14123214 good and anno 2015 it’s scientific knowledge that measles is our friend. But it’s pretty well hidden scientific knowledge. It’s not something you read about in the headlines. But a few cases of measles somewhere in the country immediately causes panicky headlines, followed by the advice to get a measles vaccine, or two, or three. For “it doesn’t matter how many you get, as they are perfectly safe. And obviously not very effective, for else you wouldn’t need to get boosters. (I won’t go into the dangers of the vaccine now. That’s for a next time.)

Usually at the bottom of a research paper it says who sponsored the study. Let me make a guess here: Merck? And probably a few other pharmaceutical companies and other bodies that have a financial interest in keeping the measles fear going. This kind of studies are known as “tobacco science”, but unfortunately it’s just standard pharmaceutical science. But just like many people, including doctors, believed the tobacco science, they will also believe this kind of fiction. But luckily many more people won’t believe it anymore.


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