Polio is worse than ever

Experts say that polio is almost wiped out. The article just doesn’t say who these experts are, but I assume they are “polio eradication specialists”. So they are bureaucrats who are good with manipulating numbers and changing definitions. But the article gives the impression that these experts are some kind of scientists, who know what they are talking about.

Smallpox indeed almost disappeared from the world, though it’s really not eradicated at all. (And the vaccine had absolutely nothing to do with it. That only spread the disease.) But also smallpox can get a different name and definition and then at once it’s gone. That’s an old trick, but people still fall for it. 5082156-3x2-340x227This trick is at least as old as the polio vaccine. Before the vaccine was introduced the number of polio cases had already decreased significantly, because DDT and other highly toxic pesticides had been forbidden. Don’t be fooled: governments have always known that polio was caused by chemical poisoning and not by a virus. But it was economically unattractive to ban all nasty chemicals and politically attractive to blame a virus. And that’s why the world got stuck with the virus story and a vaccine that were never ever based on any kind of science. It was fiction from the very beginning.

So is polio disappearing? No, not remotely. It’s only disappearing on computer screens. That’s not because people don’t get polio paralysis anymore, but because whenever that happens it’s called something different. Aseptic meningitis is a popular diagnosis, as is transverse myelitis, acute flaccid paralysis, muscular dystrophy, Guillain Barre syndrome and many others. There is a list of some 70 different diagnoses that 70 years ago would simply have been labeled polio. polio-map_1988-2014_616x312pxNeat trick, isn’t it? In India every year some 50,000 children get polio, but they are usually diagnosed with acute flaccid paralysis. And that’s only the official number. The real number is likely to be substantially higher.

“Polio is a viral disease that invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours.” That’s not ficti0n and it’s not phantasy. It’s a big, fat lie. And they know it very well. You cannot be a scientist of some sort, spend many years studying polio and not know this. Unless you are a dumb, incompetent, brainwashed fool. That’s possible of course, but then these people have no right to make any statements about polio.

The sad reality is that if you count all cases of “diseases formerly known as polio” the number is higher than ever. The reason is simply that the world is more polluted than ever. And babies are injected with high amount of highly toxic chemicals, which often cause these kind of diseases. But scientists are usually not bothered by facts. They just say what they are expected to say. Like well-paid robots.


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