Double fiction

Sometimes scientific fiction is interesting, sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes it’s worrying. But this time I would call it quite hilarious. Scientists now warn us that climate change will have a bad effect on human health. And it seems that they mean it!

When you read the article it’s (as to be expected) riddled with “possible”, “might”, “we think”, “we expect”, “could” etc etc. Not particularly statements I tend to take very seriously. But when it’s about topics like these scientists seem to know so little that all they can do is sharing their ideas, theories and phantasies. And they obviously think that people will take them as seriously as they take themselves. index

First of all there is the fact (yes, fact) that man made climate change is a story that should really belong in the history books. It’s absurd, it’s admitted everywhere that it’s not happening, the statistics show that it’s wrong and not so many people believe in it anymore. And of course that’s exactly the reason why they come with such scary statements. When all scientists have is fear, then that’s a clear sign that they are probably wrong and are likely lying.

The climate isn’t warming up and Melbourne doesn’t have any more heatwaves than usual. The reason why possibly some more older people die in the heat is the horrible state of the health care in this country. Nursing homes don’t have the funds to take proper care of their residents and hospital staff is way too busy with filling in piles of forms to pay attention to the patients. To blame a heat wave for this is a stretch, to say the least.

“In Oceania we will start to see rising sea levels.” Will? I suppose that if there’s a will there’s a way to manipulate numbers to make it look like sea levels are rising. But the truth is that climate scientists and their computer models have warned us for decades about the dangerously rising see levels and anno 2015 the see is still at the same level as ever. Heat-wave1Obviously the rising sea levels will chase everyone out of Sydney and Brisbane and onto the countryside and that will create mental health problems. Nice story. Very nice story.

Do we see an increase in mental health problems? Yes. Just as we see an increase in physical health problems. The people in the western world are in shockingly bad health and in every country where they adopt the western lifestyle the people quickly go into the same direction. Everyone knows the causes: stress, lack of sleep, pollution, medical treatments, junk food and some more. But none of these have anything to do with the weather. (OK, when last week we had this terrible storm and a 48 hours power cut I got stressed, slept badly and ate some bad foods. But I don’t think that’s what the scientists refer to).

The article ends with the usual stuff about carbon emissions. For obviously that’s what it’s all about and the AMA has just been asked to join for the ride and get some publicity themselves. But this whole story is so pathetic that you can only laugh about it. It’s good for a comedy or a funny book. But in ten years these people won’t like to be reminded of what they said now.


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