The increase in type 1 diabetes

A lot of scientific fiction is just a waste of money and often a nuisance, but that’s it. But some of it is a lot worse, because it affects the most vulnerable: babies. Researchers want to test unborn babies for type 1 diabetes. Why? Do unborn babies have this auto-immune disease? I doubt that very much. I have never ever heard of a baby with diabetes. But that doesn’t stop researchers. 6425622-3x2-340x227

The number of auto-immune diseases is rising high speed and it’s not hard to understand that environmental and lifestyle factors are the one and only cause of this. There is no reason whatsoever for the body to attack itself, so it must be forced to do so. So the idea that environmental factors are “possibly” involved in type 1 diabetes is absurd. That’s not a possibility, it’s a certainty.

Type 1 diabetes usually develops in children, which is the reason why it used to be called juvenile diabetes. So why does it happen in children and rarely in adults? That’s where researchers should start looking. Obviously something goes horribly wrong in the early years of a child. Something in the environment.

So what happens to a baby that didn’t happen 50 years ago? Something that messes up the immune system? It’s not hard to see: the insane number of vaccines that are given to children at an insanely young age. If you inject within a few minutes 23 different antigents into a 2 months old baby, what do you expect? diabetes670It’s a miracle that many babies do NOT develop auto-immune diseases. Especially if you know that all those vaccines contain adjuvants, which are meant to stimulate the immune system. These adjuvants are added in very high doses and of course it’s the same shot for every baby. Is it strange that the immature immune systems of babies get confused and go into the wrong direction?

In most cases the baby survives the first truckload of shots without too big problems. But then two months later the next load comes. And two months later another load. By then the little body has got seriously confused. But the human body is strong and doesn’t give up that easily. But the damage has happened and slowly, but steadily the trouble starts. And then when the child is passed its first birthday diseases start to show up. Type 1 diabetes and juvenile RA are just two of them. It’s really not hard to see the connection, but obviously too hard for researchers. Or they do know it, but ignore it. Instead of stopping with vaccines more and more shots are added, and more and more children get sick. And now they start vaccinating pregnant women! It’s not hard to predict what will happen now this new insanity has become common practice.type-1-diabetes

The problem here is that vaccines are not at all based on science. They are entirely fiction, but it’s a fiction that hurts babies and young children. Many babies and young children. But they have got a religious status, which means that you aren’t allowed to say anthing negative about them. Saying that vaccines are the main cause of the bad health in children is usally treated like blasphemy. Those who publicly say such things risk name calling, slander and threats, even dead threats. It’s obvious that this has nothing to do with science. It’s just religion.

But if our researchers would be really interested in finding the cause of diabetes, I have a tip for them: check the health of a large group of fully unvaccinated children and see how many have type 1 diabetes, compared to the same number of vaccinated children. And then it’s easy. But they won’t do that, for the reasons mentioned above.

So children will be injected with highly dangerous substances and nobody protects them. A dozen needles before the age of 1 can mean daily needles for the rest of your life. And that’s a crime against humanity.


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