1000 years old?

We all need to have dreams and scientists can also have theirs, but they should not mix up their dreams and their work. A growing group of researchers believe humans will soon live to be 1000 years old. But do they believe it do they just phantasize about it?

These researchers think that soon they will be able to undo the normal wear and tear of life and make humans almost immortal. That sounds quite a bit like they have a God complex, but that’s not an unusual disorder among scientists. The main problem is in how they think to achieve this.

They seriously seem to expect that this breakthrough will happen in the next 6-8 years, but that is very far from realistic. 726291-6dba0b22-e3f9-11e4-b60a-424ceb2f883cFor this is all based on the usual medical/biological science and we know how successful that is. Trillions of dollars a year are spent on medical research and the results are almost non-existent. So why do these researchers think that at once they will have this huge breakthrough? It seems that the professor bases this on “The life expectancy has already increased substantially since the ‘70s and ‘80s”, but here he is mistaken. The last few decades the life expectancy in the western world hasn’t increased much at all. On the contrary, this generation is expected to be the first that lives shorter than their parents.

The professor clearly has missed a few details. First of all, there are people alive who are hundreds of years old, so this isn’t something spectacular. These cases are well documented, with verified birth records. But these people live in remote areas of the world, where pollution, stress and modern technology are still largely unknown. So these people have absolutely no desire whatsoever to get publicity and so nobody ever hears about them in the mainstream media. 726343-01ac90d0-e3f9-11e4-b60a-424ceb2f883cAnd obviously the prof hasn’t heard about them either. Or he hopes that others don’t know it.

Another problem of course is that we might live long nowadays, but most of us are in terrible health and this only gets worse as we age. So how does that combine with getting 1000 years old? Then scientists would first have to figure out what to do about all those chronic and degenerative diseases and I have pointed out many times that researchers do a particularly bad job in this area.

So forget it: this won’t happen. We are sicker than ever and actually we don’t live that long at all, for many of us die before retirement age. The only thing that has considerably improved is the infant mortality and that’s what makes those nice statistics. But also children start to die again at higher and higher rates. Not from tuberculosis and diphtheria, but from cancer and vaccine induced coincidental diseases (a.k.a. as vaccine damage).

But scientists usually aren’t discouraged by facts. They keep dreaming. They keep telling themselves how important their work is. And they keep pretending that their phantasies are real. It’s sad for them and it’s just as sad that many people believe their stories.


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