Must children be vaccinated?

It’s really hard for everyone with a blind belief in science to open their eyes and admit that the science was fiction at best. After the Australian prime-minister announced his plans to take away government payments from parents who don’t give their child(ren) each and every vaccine on the schedule, now the government wants to spend $26 million to boost vaccination rates. All these announcements have a serious sound of despair in them. Are there many outbreaks of childhood diseases in Australia? Not really and if they happen most children who get sick are vaccinated.6138496-3x4-340x453 So obviously the growing number of unvaccinated children don’t post a threat. So what’s the problem?

Well, the problem of course is the fast growing number of people who start to realize that the science behind vaccinations is completely non-existent. And that’s probably the reason why both doctors and politicians say more and more often and louder than ever that “there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that vaccines are safe and effective”. But at the same time they never, ever show that evidence. Anno 2015 people don’t always have such a blind faith in doctors anymore, and they never had that much trust in politicians to start with.

When people don’t trust doctors or the public opinion any longer, they start researching themselves. There are libraries everywhere, books can be bought on line and then there’s Mr. Google, where you can read many official documents while not even leaving your house. There’s no need anymore to travel for hours to visit a state library to look into certain papers. Nowadays you can read them on your own screen. And those official documents are very revealing.747088-vaccinations It appears at once that the science behind vaccines is shonky at best and often a complete fraud. Doctors and politicians keep talking about people who “don’t understand the science”, but that’s just plain insulting. For people who stop vaccinating, or never even start with it, usually have done a lot of research. And they usually understand the information particularly well. It’s not even so difficult to understand, for the “overwhelming evidence” is simply not there. Nobody shows it, nobody sends it to you, nobody tells you where to find it. They just keep saying that it exists. Well, would you submit your children to a ritual that’s covered with so much mystery?

So the government wants to get the vaccination rates up, because that’s so much safer for society. You would assume that they can at least prove that. But nope, they can’t. If vaccinated children get sick, then that’s a sign that the vaccines don’t work. Nothing else than that. If an unvaccinated child gets sick, then they usually recover quicker than vaccinated children. And in the middle of an outbreak it’s often the unvaccinated children that stay healthy, while the vaccinated children get sick. So how exactly is it good for society to vaccinate those children that don’t get sick?

And then of course there’s the flu shot.Flu-Shot-Here It’s marketed aggressively all over the country. At one place it’s even cheaper than at another and raffles are not unusual. Raffle tickets to convince people to submit to a medical procedure? Everyone with some common sense realizes that bribing is only necessary if there is no proof that something works. Last year I saw the flu shot advertised at the local pharmacy “flu is so last winter”. And now the health minister says that “the message is simple — get your flu shot before the flu gets you this winter”. That almost sounds like the flu shot is effective. But the truth is that many people get sick with flu like symptoms shortly after the flu shot. And that there is no proof whatsoever that the flu shot is even 1% effective.

Lying might be acceptable when you sell a t-shirt or a phone, but no reasonable person accepts it for a medical procedure. What was it about informed consent? How can you give informed consent when you are told these huge lies?

It’s sad that so much science is fiction and it’s sad that manipulation and misinformation are a daily part of science. But telling people huge lies to convince them to submit to a medical procedure that can be particularly risky is a crime against humanity.


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