The cure for Alzheimer’s disease?

News websites are really good in creating headlines that don’t cover at all what’s in the following article. Read here: The headline says that researchers have found the cause and cure for Alzheimer’s disease. But when you keep reading all it says is that researchers have found a drug that in mice seems to sometimes prevent the formation of plaques in the brain.

But even this research doesn’t mean much at all. For it’s not clear at all if those plaques are actually causing the dementia. alzheimers_disease_ntlfiThis kind of research is typical for the pharmaceutical industry. They come with a theory and something that can be measured. Then the efficacy of a drug is measured in how well it meets the criteria set. But if the basic theory is wrong, then the outcome of the study means absolutely nothing. A good example is statins, which lower cholesterol. They are highly effective in lowering cholesterol, but have very little effect on prevention of heart attacks. And they have a negative effect on death rates. Still they are promoted as “highly effective”.

So any drug that is effective in limiting plaques is likely not effective in limiting memory loss. So far the only drugs that availabe for Alzheimer’s disease have so little effect and so many side-effects, that they can be put in the category “completely useless”. That doesn’t mean they are taken off the market though. If completely useless drugs would all be taken off the market pharmacists wouldn’t have much work left.

So what is the cause of Alzheimers’s disease? Nobody really knows, for our brain is extremely complicated and very little is known about how it functions. 419990-82e11402-e343-11e4-b60a-424ceb2f883cWhat’s sure is that the epidemic of dementia is a new phenomenon. Alois Alzheimer first described the disease in 1901 and as doctors have always been in the habit of describing new diseases we can safely assume that this disease was very rare before that. So the conclusion is that this disease, just like all chronic and degenerative diseases, is caused by environment and lifestyle. If researchers would look into that and make efforts to reverse what went wrong, then Alzheimer’s disease would become pretty rare again.

We live in an extremely toxic world and it’s not strange that that has a bad influence on the delicate organ our brain is. Many neurological conditions are caused by toxins in the brain. But what do doctors do? They inject old people with toxin filled flu shots. I mean, giving a shot of aluminium to someone with brain problems? Can you think of worse unscientific quackery? And then giving these people highly toxic drugs to improve their brain function? These practices are so far away from practicing medicine that “quackery” doesn’t even really cover it. “Crime against humanity” fit better.

alzheimers-diseaseThe best thing we can do to lower our risks for Alzheimer’s disease is to limit the toxic substances in our life and body as much as possible. Stay away from doctors with their toxic shots and pills and instead use vitamins and minerals and detoxing herbs. You cannot limit your risk to zero in the world that we live in, but you can considerably lower it. Alzheimer’s disease is not genetic and it’s not your fate. It’s something you can actively try to prevent. And after you have done everything to limit your risk, the rest indeed is a matter of hoping and praying. And that’s more effective than all this fancy research.


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