Vaccination bullies

Australian experts say that withholding welfare payments from parents who don’t vaccinate won’t work. Usually these experts say just stupid things, but this is something they are correct with. The rest they say of course is the usual baloney, but let’s give them this tiny bit of credit.

These experts say that many parents don’t vaccinate because they forget or miss doctor’s appointments. 2544492-3x2-340x227I don’t know if they believe this themselves, but they have said this many times, so maybe they think it’s true. And of course there will be parents who think the umpteenth vaccine for whooping cough and diptheria is not so important and can wait a few months. They can probably be coerced into coming in earlier. But the vast majority of the unvaccinated, or not fully vaccinated, children have parents who made a very conscious decision not to do so. Many unvaccinated children have older siblings with vaccine injuries and their parents are not willing to take the risk again. Others have parents who know vaccine injured children and are not willing to take the risk with their own. And then there is the small group of people who haven’t personally seen vaccine injuries, but are smart enough to realize that injecting babies with large amount of toxic substances is a bad idea.

All these parents know exactly why they don’t vaccinate. indexThey don’t lack information and they don’t need to be educated by doctors or government officials who produce the same stupid propaganda that these parents have debunked long ago. These parents are many times better informed than any doctor, for most doctors don’t even know what they inject.

The number of parents who choose not the vaccinate or not to vaccinate anymore is growing rapidly and there is a reason for this. There are way too many vaccine injured children and the more vaccines are added to the schedule, the more children get injured. So it’s not strange that with the always growing number of shots also the number of conscientious objectors grows.

It’s not rocket science to see what’s going on. All over the world the people start to wake up to the fact that vaccines have never been tested for safety or efficacy. They realize that vaccines are based on fiction and not on science. And they are not longer willing to sacrifice their children to this fiction.

But of course our experts refuse to see that. Money injectionAll they have to offer is the endless same mantra of the scientific proof, which they consistently fail to show. And to top it off they come with a few sob stories about babies who died from whooping cough. But they conveniently forget the sad stories of all the babies who died from the vaccines. Well, they don’t really forget. They just say that those kids didn’t die from the vaccines, but from coincidence. They have an unlimited faith in coincidence and that, dear experts, has nothing to do with science.


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