All the good of blueberries

Sometimes researchers publish something that almost sounds smart. Then when you keep reading you quickly realize that actually they just open their eyes a tiny little bit, instead of keeping them firmly closed. They have now found that blueberry tea is good for diabetics. Of course loads of people knew already that plants and herbs are particularly good for treating diseases, but 5327824-3x2-340x227for these researchers this obviously comes a surprise.

Diabetes is quickly becoming a world-wide disaster, with both types increasing. But it’s type 2 that is the most serious problem and it’s almost 100% lifestyle related. Every country that adopts the western lifestyle and diet also adopts the western chronic diseases. It’s not so hard to see the link. We eat way too much fillers, not enough food and keep following the official dietary guidelines, which are a recipe for diabetes. Sugar, truckloads of grains, seed oils and not enough healthy animal fats easily do that job. That sounds like the paleo fad might have some good sides.

Interesting is the statement that there is no cure for diabetes. Personally I know loads of stories of people who cured their diabetes, both type 1 and 2. A drastic change in lifestyle and diet, in combination with some other natural therapies often does the job. But if you only rely on the conventional system then indeed there’s no cure.

Probably blueberries are brown-brewed-teahelpful with diabetes, but most probably only for a short period of time. For this is nothing more than treating symptoms, while not dealing with the cause of the disease. And that usually doesn’t last, because the disease gets worse.

It doesn’t say why the researchers are so much interested in blueberries, but usually this kind of interest means that they are looking for a way to commercialize it. Take something from nature, alter it so much that you can patent it and you have a new, highly profitable drug that will be toxic and ineffective. Nature is much more effective, but you can’t make fortunes with blueberry tea.

So I would strongly advise everyone with diabetes to eat generous amounts of blueberries, in combination with a complete overhaul of diet and lifestyle. The first surely tastes good, but the last two give you a good chance for a cure. And isn’t that what patients really want?


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