The HIV hoax keeps going

Human trials begin on a new HIV treatment. And I suppose we should be really happy about that? No, I’m not and nobody should. Because AIDS is a hoax and whatever HIV is, it’s not causing AIDS. So that means that any science in this area is per definition fiction, if not a complete fraud.

A HIV test checks whether you have antibodies against HIV. A positive test result is bad news. But exactly the same test is used to test for e.g. measles and then a positive test result is considere good news.3687298-3x2-340x227 Huh? Where’s the logic here? The effect of vaccines is tested by measuring antibodies in those who have been vaccinated. But this shows that nobody has any clue what antibodies mean. It’s also known that people with high numbers of antibodies can get a disease and those without any antibodies might never catch it. So until they find out what antibodies mean they should stop with research based on just antibodies. The word antibody is a misnomer to start with, as these thingies aren’t against anything. So if researchers say that “These antibodies allow the immune system to naturally control the disease” then they don’t talk about facts, but about assumptions at best.

Still in trials the patients who got an infusion with these special antibodies had a lowered viral count. So what does that mean? Nothing, just like the antibodies. There is no proof that HIV makes sick. I can say it stronger: there is no proof whatsoever that viruses make sick! Virology is a hoax and everything based on it is fiction. But I get side tracked.

What is AIDS exactly? That depends on who you ask and in what area of the world you ask. AIDS is something completely different in a gay American man than in an African mother and totally different again in a German haemophiliacHIV-Aids and an Asian prostitute. The Australian kindergarten teacher again has different symptoms. How does the virus know who it’s infecting? Exactly, it doesn’t. All these diseases that are called AIDS are just a variety of diseases. If they come with a positive HIV test it’s AIDS, without a positive test it can be anything and everything.

But what about the test? Well, like I said, the HIV test only tests for antibodies and they don’t mean anything. When you get a HIV test done you first need to fill in a questionaire about your lifestyle. Depending on your answers your chances for a positive result increases or decreases. When the test is done the results are interpreted by the lab assistant, using the instruction from the manufacturer. That means that with one test you can be positive, but with another one you would be negative. And as the interpretation is human work, it can even differ from one lab assistant to another. So if you test positive for HIV just do another test and you are likely to be negative. Unless you have an infection of some sort or you are pregnant. Both give high rates of positive HIV tests. And of course it also depends on the country you are in. In some countries just two “markers” means positive, in other countries you need to have four or five. So you can become negative by simply moving to another country. Are you still there? Do you really think that there is any science involved in HIV testing?

Do the scientists know these things? 324160-310739-hivOf course they do! If they don’t they are so extremely incompetent that they should quit any kind of research immediately. But they keep going with this kind of completely useless research that costs fortunes and will never benefit anyone. The only good thing is that people who get this new treatment might stop with the antiviral drugs and then they will immediately start to feel an awful lot better. For these drugs are extremely toxic and they kill many, many people. These people then go into the statistics as having died from AIDS, but they simply died from drug poisoning. And what’s the use of those drugs? Well, they make the pharmaceutical industry a lot of money. Beyond that nobody benefits.

But what the scientists want most of all is a new vaccine. Of course, for there is a lot of money in vaccines. Not that they work, but that doesn’t seem to bother these people. No vaccine has ever been proven to be effective and that won’t be any different for a vaccine against a virus that doesn’t make sick with a disease that doesn’t exist. I would like to call HIV science  “fiction”, but I think that this is worse than that. It’s a fraud and it’s only meant to make certain people a lot of money, at the expense of everyone who has got a positive HIV test. I call this a crime against humanity.

2 thoughts on “The HIV hoax keeps going

  1. A great book to read is World Without Aids by It seems to be reprinted with another name The Truth About HIV. It totally backs up everything you’ve written.


  2. The sad thing is most people are so dumb they are incapable of using reason when they approach this subject. Instantly they assume you are a crackpot if you even suggest the slightest doubt about the consensus view w.r.t HIV/AIDS little realising they are in actual fact the idiots. An idiot because you simply accept something on trust without ever checking the facts upon which the supposed iron-clad theory is based. An idiot because you let yourself be fooled by a hoax that is so transparent only a fool cannot see through it. The older I have become, the more clear it is to me that the vast majority of people are idiots.


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