Where do those allergies come from?

Australians suffer in high numbers from all kinds of allergies and researchers now blame genetic changes for that. They have compared some things in the genes of people who have just arrived here with people who have lived in Australia for… two years. Wow. Let’s really hope that our genes don’t change that quickly, for then the whole human race is in serious trouble.

The scientists have done a lot of research, but have no idea why the incidence of allergies is sky rocketing in the western world. So they must be particularly dumb or they have intentionally not looked there where the real causes are.

You get an allergy when your immune system attack harmless substances and it’s basically a mild form of auto-immune disease. 5027922-3x2-340x227And it happens that also these diseases increase at high speed. So what happened in the last 50 years to cause this? If you look at that you will most probably find the answer. Not by looking at genetic markers of which you don’t even know what they mean. (For scientists like to make us believe that they know a lot about our genes, but they don’t.)

One of the things that changed during those 50 years is that babies from the day of birth are subjected to a medical treatment that is known to send the immune system into overdrive. And then two months later they get another huge hit and two months later another hit. That’s about the age that the first allergies start to shop up. Do the scientists really not know what the cause is? Come on. These are people with a high education, so they are really not THAT stupid.

allergyAnd what about the food allergies? That’s a similar story. If you start injecting babies with things like egg protein, soy protein and peanut oil, should you be surprised if the children develop an allergy before they go to kindergarten? It’s really not rocket science to see the connection. This is also the reason why the increase in allergies is mainly among children, though more and more adults also suffer from these problems. For very similar reasons.

But these scientists are obviously not smart enough to see it. Or maybe there is another reason. Vaccines are sacred and no matter how obvious, nothing bad can be ascribed to these shots. Everything is ascribed to coincidence, but there surely has been a huge increase in coincidental diseases the last 50 years. And a lot of coincidental allergies.


One thought on “Where do those allergies come from?

  1. I read an article a while back where they pondered why people in Africa didn’t have allergies. They were also wondering what IgE which is what causes allergic reactions does in the body besides making some miserable from antigens. Then they realized that IgE keeps things like worms et al in check, and in the western world we’re so hygienic (read sterile, antibiotics galore, dirt phobic etc) that IgE has nothing to do— except wreck havic on harmless things like pollen etc. Hmmm makes you wonder. So many things seem to be coming up linked to our super-sterile lifestyle. My uncle, a farmer used to say kids needed to get dirty sometimes, even eating a bit or dirt won’t hurt ’em and might even keep them healthy. Seems he was right! lol


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