The polar bears are just fine

So many people have left the church of climate change, that it’s obviously time for a new scary story about the polar bears. It obviously doesn’t matter what the facts are. A carefully crafted story about what MIGHT happen to the polar bears IF the earth keeps warming up must do the job this time.

A wildlife biologist has studied polar bears and has come to the conclusion that these bears couldn’t find enough food on land. I believe that immediately, for the main food of polar bears is fish and seals.3819848-3x2-340x227 They supplement their diet with plants, but that’s just a small part of it.

Professon Stirling says that the ice is critical for the polar bears, so I have good news for him: there is plenty of it! But the professor says that some polar bears are at risk of starvation. That’s probably true, for there are always some animals that at some point live at the wrong place. That in no way means that all polar bears are at risk.

Some two decades ago the polar bears were indeed endangered. But that had nothing to do with climate change or melting ice. Humans were the cause of the problem, as they hunted the seals that are the main source of food for the bears. When this hunting was banned the amount of food increased rapidly and so did the polar bear populations. There are quite a few of these populations now and most of them are stable or growing. The total number of polar bears is estimated to be around 25,000, so not remotely endangered. North-Harp-Seal-Watch-1-ice-sealBut the professor doesn’t mention that.

Yes, in some areas the ice is melting and that’s not so nice for the polar bears that live in that specific area. But in other areas the ice is growing and those populations are doing just fine. And the story that ice breaks off earlier than 30 years ago is a nice try, but it doesn’t mean anything. Remember the last three winters in north America? They were hardly short or warm, but I suppose that’s a detail.

And after all this talk about details in small areas the profession comes with a conclusion that is not based on anything whatsoever: at once we need to reduce the level of CO2, because else in 100 years the polar bears will be extinct. Wow, that’s a huge leap from facts to politically correct fiction. But he’s probably scared to lose his job. After all, if there is no climate change and the polar bears are healthy and growing in numbers there might not be a place anymore for an advisory council at polar bears. So the myth that polar bears are endangered must be kept alive, even if it means making a huge fool of himself. Many scientists do that, so why not join the crowd?


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