The cause of dementia

Dementia is killing more and more people and that’s a very bad development. Not only is it difficult and expensive to care for all those people, but it’s also very humiliating for the person who is affected. And it’s heavy for those who need to care for their loved ones with these diseases.

Still nobody seems to really care how it’s possible that in 100 years the number of people with dementia has gone up from almost zero to the numbers we have now. 342,000 Australians live with dementia. How did this disaster ever happen?

Of course the usual explanation is that people get older and dementia is mainly a condition of old age. Nice try, but it’s just not true. 3962754-3x2-340x227100 years ago also many people got very old, but they didn’t get Alzheimer’s. It’s a common misconception that people didn’t get old in the past. The average age indeed was much lower, but that was because of high infant mortality. A child that made it to its first birthday and lived in reasonably good circumstances had a good chance of living till 70, 80 or even 90 or 100 years.

So of course there is a call for more funding for research. It’s quite funny that this brain professor complains that brain research is “where cancer research was 30 years ago”. If cancer research is the roll model for medical research the future of dementia is a very bleak one. And yes, it’s true that also dementia research won’t lead anywhere, because they will look at the wrong things. They will look at the brain, though they don’t even know what they are looking for. For doctors and scientists want us to believe that they know a lot about our brains, but reality is that they know little and assume a lot.

Dementia research, just like all research for chronic and degenerative conditions, should focus on the changes in society in the last 100 years. Undo those changes and health will come back to the population. That’s quite easy research and it will lead to a lot of improvements. But it’s not done, because it’s not prestigious and there is no money in it. If scientists would find the cause of the bad health we are in nowadays, then in 10 years they would make themselves unemployed. Who would do that?

So things won’t improve, but only get worse. dementia-pic.jpgNew drugs will be invented, which will kill people and won’t help one bit. Other treatments will probably be introduced as well, with the same results. Many billions of dollars will be wasted on useless research that doesn’t help one family.

So we are all on our own. There is very little we can do for our loved ones who already suffer from dementia, but we can make the risk smaller for ourselves. By living a healthy lifestyle. Stay away from chemicals and eat real food, if possible organic. Don’t take any prescription medication (and preferably not any OTC drugs either). Remove all chemical rubbish from the house. Regularly consume the foods that remove heavy metals from your body and try not to add any new ones. There are no guarantees in life, but these things will considerably lower your risk. Don’t count on scientists to do that. They just write more fiction.


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