Oncologists fear for their jobs

Cancer is big business and oncologists make a nice living from the misery of their patients. That’s not a secret. Just like it’s not a secret that more than 30% of the population is expected to get cancer at some point in life. There’s plenty of work for oncologists, especially as these doctors don’t cure (few doctors cure, but that’s a different topic). They keep their patients sick for as long as possible and there’s no better business than return business.

But they have a problem: slowly people start to realize that the conventional treatments are horrible, often fatal and have a dismally bad cure rate of about 2%. cancer670With so many people getting cancer there are also many who have witnessed the effects of the surgery, radiation and chemothepary. And they start to question this barbarism. So they start searching for alternatives and find them in all kinds of shapes and forms. Quite a few are nutty and ineffective, but many natural cancer treatments are very scientific, highly effective and they never kill. None of these things can be said about the conventional treatments. Nevertheless oncologist feal like they should warn us against all these alternative cancer treatments.

Some people are already informed when they get a cancer diagnosis and stay away from whatever the oncologist advises. But most people who try natural treatments have already gone the whole path of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy and it didn’t work. Very often these people have been told that there is no hope for them anymore. That they should get their affairs in order, because they will die within months. So what do these people have to lose when they try something different? apples-to-apple-the-goofiest-infographic-you-ll-ever-see--5d6190cc40Would it harm them if they try the banana diet? Or the coffee enemas? Or the apricot kernels? Or any of the other 300+ natural therapies? Of course it wouldn’t.

But mr. Haines is scared. Not scared that his patients will die, for 98% of them die anyway and often in the most horrible circumstances. No, he’s scared that they won’t accept his treatments anymore and that would be very bad for business. He’s so scared that he starts to tell right-out lies. He says that many patients who try natural therapies could easily be cured with conventional therapies. Cured? A cure means that after the last treatment your chances of getting cancer are not any higher than for anyone else. And that means that at the most 2% of the cancer patients will be cured by people like him.

But actually that 2% is even inflated. For many people who have been given up try natural therapies and then they get cured. And all those people will be added to those 2% cure rate, though of course they weren’t cured by the surgery and chemo. On the contrary, they were given up by their oncologists! So the cure rate is probably closer to 1%.

Add to this 1% cure rate the 50+% kill rate and mr. Haines should give me one good reason why anyone would accept conventional therapy over anything that can be found on line. Especially as it has been scientifically proven that cancer patients on an average live twice as long without any treatment than with conventional treatment. Mr. Haines couldn’t give me that one good reason. No oncologist could. Because their whole business is based on fiction, poorly disguised as science. Oncologists kill and more and more people start to see it. And they run away from the mass murderers. That is a fact and it explains why warnings like these sound so pathetic.


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